Sunday, January 17, 2010

Say It Out Loud

Aloha! Morning morning morning. Well, afternoon actually=) But what shall I say the earth is definitely turning differently in my world( at least for me). My mornings are now my afternoons, my late nights are actually my mornings. I am awake when the world is sleeping and sleeping when the world is awake. Being a total bum!=) Pretty much enjoying it at the moment. Anyways, well today there are plans, so not too bad I guess. So, yesterday was a busy day running behind the kids and all, and watched A.R. Rahman's live show from Sydney. An awesomely awesome show.Totally mind blowing. Sometimes if you need to distress, what better way than listening to music. Plus, now I know my bro-in-law went with his than girlfriend to watch Rahman's concert the last time he was here ( No,not my sis)=) By the way what I like about A.R.Rahman is his humble and down to earth nature. Never had the slightest "tinge" of ego in him. Moving on, I had a heart to heart talk with my big sis. You know, the serious emotion filled conversation that comes up once in a blue moon. It was worth it. So, to keep things short, in life we can solve many things just by sitting and talking, even the most stubborn headed person will eventually calm down. Never shout, listen and give the other person a chance to talk.Trust me, it works. Never make an assumption on what the other person is thinking, cause most of the time in life we waste time worrying what others will say and never move forward.So,take it from me, don't make judgments, let whoever it is to speak, than make the decision. Told you didn't I, life is simple and it is us who make things complicated. Plus, don't assume that everyone can read your mind, whatever it is please say it out loud. We are no computer to read people's mind by the way.

Just to share:
I had a choice between love and hate. I choose love and I am here...

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