Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

-2010 already? (still in disbelief!)
-resolutions in the making ( sounds like me alright)
-walked into the shop today, telling myself "no chocolates today"
-But, little did I know I would end up with 4:Hershey's chocs were on sale=)
-I helped a Chinese lady pick her chocolates and reading the price to her as she can't read
-Had 2 breakfast 5 hours apart- coffee&bun; tosai&tea
-Having pasta for lunch ( so unlike me)- gotta cook later
-Watching a movie before I start my studies
-Next week will be the last week of exams-(yippie!)
-Wasted the last three days lazing around
-While driving today, I had a sudden thought of being kissed under a hanging mistletoe ( thanx to mum for provoking such an idea)
-I think it is a blessing that New Years Day is on Friday
-I am thinking what I did last Friday
-I am not sending out New Year wishes to everyone this year, instead only to those who wish me ( yeah right, it never lasted though, I have already started my usual routine)
-I was sick at the eve of 2010
-I slept half an hour before the countdown
-Mostly, because I am home-sick to the core
-I asked God for miracles and magics to occur this year
-I had a dream about snakes yesterday ( nothing unusual)
-I went a little late to temple
-But,was surprised to find the crowd in the temple
-I bought yogurt-apple and mixed berry
-My friend just gave me a Hindi movie titled " New York"
-I think it is pretty cool to type "2010"
-My friend's boyfriend wished me at the eve of 2010
-I replied him only to realize I have not wished her yet
-I felt that the priest in the temple did not do the prayers well today ( well, I can't question him)
-I ate one of my 4 chocolate-cookies n cream-in the car
-I miss Dad
-I miss home
-I am thankful to Lord for everything He has given me

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