Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fire-y Morning

Good morning.I woke up today morning with the dream of fire. Twice the fire broke out in my neighbour's house at different corners of the house but we manage to put it out.I felt a little uneasy with the dream, so I thought I will just check it up anyway. So here goes...( from Dream Moods: Your Dream Symbol Interpretation)

Depending on the context of your dream, to see fire in your dream can symbolize destruction, passion, desire, illumination, transformation, enlightenment, or anger. It may suggest that something old is passing and something new is entering into your life. Your thoughts and views are changing. In particular, if the fire is under control or contained in one area, then it is a metaphor of your own internal fire and inner transformation. It also represents your drive, motivation, and creative energy. Alternatively, the dream may be warning you of your dangerous or risky activities. You are literally "playing with fire".

To dream that you are being burned by fire, indicates that your temper is getting out of control. Some issue or situation is burning you up inside.

To dream that a house is on fire, indicates that you need to undergo some transformation. If you have recurring dreams of your family house on fire, then it suggests that you are still not ready for the change or that you are fighting against the change. Alternatively, it highlights passion and the love of those around you.

To dream that you put out a fire, signifies that you will overcome your obstacles in your life through much work and effort. If you are setting a fire to something or even to yourself, then it indicates that you are undergoing some great distress. You are at the brink of desperation and want to destroy something or some aspect of yourself.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just To Lighten Your Day

So, this is what happened. My big sis was ironing, mum and myself just chilling on the bed when Thejas walked in. Thejas is my sis's kid by the way. He was complaining that he did not like the toasted bread that my sister packed for him to school that day. So, he decided to instead " teach" her how to do it. .....He came back after 5 minutes with this piece of paper. Oh Boy, we sure had a nice time laughing! Love the kids!

What he really meant was to "put the jam and peanut butter on to the bread." Haha.I am not exactly sure how well the "jam with the beard" taste. though.Anyone want to try? Where do I buy the beard from anyways?=)

That's Him & Me.

Only 2 Minutes- To Fall In & Out Of Love

This is still about the wedding- not entirely=) Well , I thought of just posting it separately anyway. Just so that you know, that, that night at the dinner, standing at the gazebo, looking at everyone coming forward to congratulate her...suddenly my eyes just stopped wondering. I caught the sight of the most beautiful, gorgeous, to-die for pair of eyes shining under the light.It had a very magical colour and was crystal clear. Something about it was so different. Mysterious. The feeling of "warm butter sliding down the hot toast" was surreal that moment! After he left, I walked to my sister, and...

Me:"Chum, I saw this friend of yours with such gorgeous eyes shaking hands with you. Who is he?"

Sis: Huh, G..... la. That's his girlfriend by the way.

Me: Omg, he is the one. How come I have never seen him all this while. No NOOOO, he did come to my house quite often but where the hell was I? Why only now I realized his presence ( Where is the wall----need to bang my head......)

Sis: He is getting married in June.

.....And, there goes the warm butter, sliding all the way to the table top...*sigh*

The Wedding Events

Holla! I survived this week. Plus, it is a beautiful beautiful weekend with an extra day off.Yeah=) How fast time flies..Creepy. Anyway, finally my sister got married. Hoping to post some pictures once I get them. The days prior to the big day is the most memorable one. Shopping, shopping and shopping + eating and eating. The kitchen was filled with sweets. People everywhere.Waking up to the sound of laughter was the nicest moments. Self beauty was also the top priority. Pedicures, black facial, and oh yes hair styling one after another was the greatest=) So I decided to go all 70's for the wedding with the hair back combed. Pretty cool & I loved it. You guys should consider trying it. And it goes well with the puffed up Saree sleeves. Sort of compliments one another. Well for the dinner, it was the curls that I choose. But the feeling of pampering yourself, and buying accessories to match the Saree was the most treasured feeling. Meeting friends that I have not met in ages was great as well.Finally, the time came when I had to go up the stage to give the special toast. I had butterflies in my tummy right before going up the stage but once I was there it just flew away. Follow a simple rule when giving heart touching speeches in a wedding dinner---speak from your heart. I know I did when I left a few of them teary eyed. Oh, I forget to mention about contact lens shopping=) Mine was brown, the other two of my sisters had honey coloured and grey coloured eye. I just love the idea of having different coloured eye for any functions.It has the energy boosting factor to it=) I end my day with dancing- so nice! Wish I can do that again! I was so busy that I forget to have my dinner *sigh* Taking photo shots did not come in easy. My "smiling muscles" were aching so much that I did not have a natural touch to the smile=( All in all it was the best times in my life.

The only upsetting thing about the whole event was the - cocky DJ! I have no idea which world he came from, but his attitude sure does not fit his carrier. Otherwise, it was a perfect day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Letter To My Dad

Dear Acha,

Happy Birthday! We went through the day like normal, but there was heaviness in everyone's heart. Everyone tried to avoid thinking of the date. No one actually sat in a group and dared talked about it. Ama told me its your birthday a day before. Sham, on the other hand,had the reminder set just like the previous years.She told us how old are you. I, well,.. I wished you the day before. We had cake. Busy , busy... the whole day. We went for food testing for the wedding. Quality time spent together. Somewhere deep down, all of us was missing your presence. I couldn't help thinking what would you have said if you were here. Anyway, 3 days from now Chumi will be starting a new chapter in her life. Pretty occupied with the wedding prep. Guess what I am trying to say is that, despite all this busy schedule, you are always remembered. Just that now no one wants to speak about it, afraid of having mom's heart broken. Oh, ama is freaking out as we are nearing the wedding. I have to constantly remind her the dates. However, she is doing a wonderful job.Hats off to her. And, yes, I as usual get very excited shopping. If you were physically present I would have worn it and have you tell me how I look in it-just like old times. I am going all orange this time=). Oh, and you won't belief how much of weight Chumi has lost. What all a marriage can do to a person=). Anyway, I know your blessings are always there with us.

Your Simandhi Putri

~Life is like a garden in which we plant our flowers:the roses of affection that bloom in summer hours.The seeds of sweet remembrance, of hope, joy and love~

Thursday, February 11, 2010


3 Idiots

The best movie ever! It was the only movie so far that I have seen which had too many things a person can learn from. Amir Khan looked so young and cute. I loved Madhavan's character a lot. He spoke things that are supposed to be my words-about job, life and to listening to your heart and following your passion in life.I think it is a must watch for typical Indian parents with the attitude and always worried "of what others will think..." You learn a lot from this movie.

It's Complicated

Just as complicated as the title sounds. This movie keeps you thinking- you will know how we girls and guys usually think & act, but totally loved the ending. So, what better way to understand what I am saying than to watch it yourself. ( No, my intentions are not to put up on movie reviews, but it just happen that I watched movies that kept me in the thinking mode=)

Now, back to me. I totally love Valentine's Day for one reason- the radio stations play love songs all day long-it feels soo good. One station in particular is Awesome station!My favourite.

I like when the sun shines on my face in the morning.It always feels like its a good day.

I think my mum is freaking out as the wedding is getting near- I have to constantly remind her the dates for this month and she has just one statement all the time- So fast uh, I haven't done so many things...

I am really hoping to get some pretty accessories for my saree- it has a rather unusual colour

I am excited and also having butterflies in my tummy thinking about the special toast!

I am currently in love with Michael Buble's song.

I keep hearing of Frank Sinatra this past few months.

Today I am being totally random- anything that comes to my mind,you get to read.

I love Honda CR-V.

I think I need a change in job-something laid back may be.

I am so happy for one thing this week- I am in the process of becoming a MoJo- mobile journalist with the local paper. ( Remember, I said I was thinking of a change in carrier=)

I have no idea why am I so scared of the future- by saying future I mean it starts with 5th year.

I feel like eating the dark chocolate Ferrero Rocher.

I like this 'down,down song'- Baby are you down down down down down....- now you know the song=)

I honestly had no idea what on earth all this buzz about Super Bowl was till I read it yesterday=)

I am stopping now.Love you all.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Valentine's Day Story

Day One:A friend told me you are out there somewhere.

You will come & I just have to wait
Wait is exactly what I did....

The day has finally come-
February 14
I wondered how is this day going to be
The girl in me is so excited

Will it be a heart shaped cake?

Or, will you spoil me with chocolates?

Probably just a simple card with a message from the heart
Wait a sec- 15 pounds??? I am resisting the urge to kick your ass... Never mind, you are forgiven this time.

Oh, is that a diamond ring I see?

Propose? Perhaps...

Or simply pampering me with flowers.Hmm, they smell wonderful

Even if that is not possible, never mind,just a simple 3 words- I LOVE YOU- scribbled on the walls of my house.Hey, I am pretty blind, I need it to be written in big words plus I have neighbours=)

In fact I got my lips all decorated,ooopps, what I mean is, I applied a "small amount" of lip stick on=)

Just may be, if we decide to steal a kiss from one another under the beautiful stars...
Rinnngggg! Oh my phone, is it one of your love messages?I wondered... Huh,no it is not! What, I don't belief this ..Someone shot my cupid..It broke its wings.Great, no messages of love & presents this year.

Riiiinnnggg! Again my phone?This time it felt real. Oh,I was dreaming. It is Valentine's Day.Guess, I have to wait for my cupid to recover,and that would be next year...
*The story continues when my cupid is fully recovered*

February- It Is Here Again

It is the month of love again. Now, if you have noticed I have changed the layout for my blog so that it goes hand in hand with the theme of this month-love.The papers are filled with promotion for Valentine's day. Every dish comes in heart shape. The bracelets and pendants are made pretty with diamond studded stones.Pink is also the colour of the month.Thank God the roses are still in its original shape, but the prices are tremendously high. It is the month when some of us are madly, deeply in love. And, of course it can also be the month when some of us are left heart-broken. Sad. I had a friend whose boyfriend broke up with her on Valentine's Day.That really sucks! But hey, this is life, no one says its going to be perfect.That apart, but this month of February is filled with events.

Feb 8 - I am starting my fifth year ( My tummy is filled with butterflies)
Feb 14- Valentine's Day & Chinese New Year
Feb 15- My Dad's birthday ( I am going to celebrate)
Feb 19- My lovely sister's wedding
Feb 20-Wedding dinner
Feb 22-Her birthday
Feb 24- I am shifting to a new place.

See, how exciting it is. But the most important of it all is the big day-my sister's wedding. Damn! I still can't belief she is getting married. Why do I find it so hard to let her go. I guess I have never really seen her as someone who is grown up and is ready to start a family. She is only 4 years older than me.So we never really had any serious conversations as siblings.It is always something silly, with us " barking" at each other. And of course ,have I mentioned that we are totally different.She is the more cool one.Well I am on the other hand , the more stressed one.I remember mum telling me once that she has kids at two opposite poles of the world.How true=) Anyway I told Chumi ( my sister) last week, "Chum, I can't belief you are getting married. You will still be the same after getting married right" ....I had no idea where that came from.. She being herself said this " Stupid..... I also can't belief I am getting married" Than the conversation got interrupted.Hmm, now thinking back, what she means she can't belief, isn't she the one who is getting married. Just look at the amount of thinking imbalance that this matrimony can bring out in a person. Honestly, I think she is the only one who is making sense of this month of love- 10 years in love & she is finally embarking on a new journey with the man who has managed to sweep her off her feet. All the best!


One month of break is over=( Classes are starting this Monday and I am already home-sick. 30 days just passed by.Nevertheless, I did do something,lets see-
- followed mom to distribute cards( wedding cards)
- fell in love with Mr.Ramasamy's sons (yes 3 in total), but mum refused to go to
his house, so had to check them out from the neighbour's house ( this is what
happens if you are totally honest with the lady called mother!)
- family gathering with loads of food ( happen to be also my sister's birthday, so
yes u guessed it right, had 2 cakes-yummy!)
- spend two days back in Pahang ( my hometown) --- just sitting outside on the
porch eating rambutan's--- a simple pleasure in life
- shoping , shopping, shopping
- gathering hindi songs for the wedding
- and we had a practice of how the bride& groom should walk in
- & organizing the events for the big day
- running back every Thursday for clinical laboratory sciences classes-tiring-20
hours to& fro! pheww...
- watched Avatar 3D ( totally awesome!)
Yup, that is pretty much my holidays..
I have gained weight (the after exam effect).Sigh!

Life's Little Instructions

Feel like I have not blogged in ages.Been really busy. Anyway, I was doing some reading online today morning when I came across this.It's Will and Guy's Funny Rules Of Life. So, I thought I shall share it with you people- to start the day on a more positive note. So,here goes...

Sing in the shower.
Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.
Watch a sunrise at least once a year.
Leave the toilet seat in the down position.
Never refuse homemade brownies.
Strive for excellence, not perfection.
Plant a tree on your birthday.
Learn 3 clean jokes.
Return borrowed vehicles with the gas tank full.
Compliment 3 people every day.
Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them.
Leave everything a little better than you found it.
Keep it simple.
Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.
Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
Floss your teeth.
Ask for a raise when you think you've earned it.
Overtip breakfast waitresses.
Be forgiving of yourself and others.
Say, "Thank you" a lot.
Say, "Please" a lot.
Avoid negative people.
Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yards.
Wear polished shoes.
Remember other people's birthdays.
Commit yourself to constant improvement.
Carry jumper cables in your truck.
Have a firm handshake.
Send lots of Valentine cards.
Sign them, "Someone who thinks you're terrific."
Look people in the eye.
Be the first to say hello.
Use the good silver.
Return all things you borrow.
Make new friends, but cherish the old ones.
Keep a few secrets.
Sing in a choir.
Plant flowers every spring.
Have a dog.
Always accept an outstretched hand.
Stop blaming others.
Take responsibility for every area of your life.
Wave at kids on school busses.
Be there when people need you.
Feed a stranger's expired parking meter.
Don't expect life to be fair.
Never underestimate the power of love.
Drink champagne for no reason at all.
Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation.
Don't be afraid to say, "I made a mistake."
Don't be afraid to say, "I don't know."
Compliment even small improvements.
Keep your promises no matter what.
Marry for love.
Rekindle old friendships.
Count your blessings.
Call your mother.

by H. Jackson Brown Jr.