Saturday, February 6, 2010

February- It Is Here Again

It is the month of love again. Now, if you have noticed I have changed the layout for my blog so that it goes hand in hand with the theme of this month-love.The papers are filled with promotion for Valentine's day. Every dish comes in heart shape. The bracelets and pendants are made pretty with diamond studded stones.Pink is also the colour of the month.Thank God the roses are still in its original shape, but the prices are tremendously high. It is the month when some of us are madly, deeply in love. And, of course it can also be the month when some of us are left heart-broken. Sad. I had a friend whose boyfriend broke up with her on Valentine's Day.That really sucks! But hey, this is life, no one says its going to be perfect.That apart, but this month of February is filled with events.

Feb 8 - I am starting my fifth year ( My tummy is filled with butterflies)
Feb 14- Valentine's Day & Chinese New Year
Feb 15- My Dad's birthday ( I am going to celebrate)
Feb 19- My lovely sister's wedding
Feb 20-Wedding dinner
Feb 22-Her birthday
Feb 24- I am shifting to a new place.

See, how exciting it is. But the most important of it all is the big day-my sister's wedding. Damn! I still can't belief she is getting married. Why do I find it so hard to let her go. I guess I have never really seen her as someone who is grown up and is ready to start a family. She is only 4 years older than me.So we never really had any serious conversations as siblings.It is always something silly, with us " barking" at each other. And of course ,have I mentioned that we are totally different.She is the more cool one.Well I am on the other hand , the more stressed one.I remember mum telling me once that she has kids at two opposite poles of the world.How true=) Anyway I told Chumi ( my sister) last week, "Chum, I can't belief you are getting married. You will still be the same after getting married right" ....I had no idea where that came from.. She being herself said this " Stupid..... I also can't belief I am getting married" Than the conversation got interrupted.Hmm, now thinking back, what she means she can't belief, isn't she the one who is getting married. Just look at the amount of thinking imbalance that this matrimony can bring out in a person. Honestly, I think she is the only one who is making sense of this month of love- 10 years in love & she is finally embarking on a new journey with the man who has managed to sweep her off her feet. All the best!

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