Saturday, February 6, 2010


One month of break is over=( Classes are starting this Monday and I am already home-sick. 30 days just passed by.Nevertheless, I did do something,lets see-
- followed mom to distribute cards( wedding cards)
- fell in love with Mr.Ramasamy's sons (yes 3 in total), but mum refused to go to
his house, so had to check them out from the neighbour's house ( this is what
happens if you are totally honest with the lady called mother!)
- family gathering with loads of food ( happen to be also my sister's birthday, so
yes u guessed it right, had 2 cakes-yummy!)
- spend two days back in Pahang ( my hometown) --- just sitting outside on the
porch eating rambutan's--- a simple pleasure in life
- shoping , shopping, shopping
- gathering hindi songs for the wedding
- and we had a practice of how the bride& groom should walk in
- & organizing the events for the big day
- running back every Thursday for clinical laboratory sciences classes-tiring-20
hours to& fro! pheww...
- watched Avatar 3D ( totally awesome!)
Yup, that is pretty much my holidays..
I have gained weight (the after exam effect).Sigh!

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