Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just To Lighten Your Day

So, this is what happened. My big sis was ironing, mum and myself just chilling on the bed when Thejas walked in. Thejas is my sis's kid by the way. He was complaining that he did not like the toasted bread that my sister packed for him to school that day. So, he decided to instead " teach" her how to do it. .....He came back after 5 minutes with this piece of paper. Oh Boy, we sure had a nice time laughing! Love the kids!

What he really meant was to "put the jam and peanut butter on to the bread." Haha.I am not exactly sure how well the "jam with the beard" taste. though.Anyone want to try? Where do I buy the beard from anyways?=)

That's Him & Me.

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