Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Letter To My Dad

Dear Acha,

Happy Birthday! We went through the day like normal, but there was heaviness in everyone's heart. Everyone tried to avoid thinking of the date. No one actually sat in a group and dared talked about it. Ama told me its your birthday a day before. Sham, on the other hand,had the reminder set just like the previous years.She told us how old are you. I, well,.. I wished you the day before. We had cake. Busy , busy... the whole day. We went for food testing for the wedding. Quality time spent together. Somewhere deep down, all of us was missing your presence. I couldn't help thinking what would you have said if you were here. Anyway, 3 days from now Chumi will be starting a new chapter in her life. Pretty occupied with the wedding prep. Guess what I am trying to say is that, despite all this busy schedule, you are always remembered. Just that now no one wants to speak about it, afraid of having mom's heart broken. Oh, ama is freaking out as we are nearing the wedding. I have to constantly remind her the dates. However, she is doing a wonderful job.Hats off to her. And, yes, I as usual get very excited shopping. If you were physically present I would have worn it and have you tell me how I look in it-just like old times. I am going all orange this time=). Oh, and you won't belief how much of weight Chumi has lost. What all a marriage can do to a person=). Anyway, I know your blessings are always there with us.

Your Simandhi Putri

~Life is like a garden in which we plant our flowers:the roses of affection that bloom in summer hours.The seeds of sweet remembrance, of hope, joy and love~

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