Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Valentine's Day Story

Day One:A friend told me you are out there somewhere.

You will come & I just have to wait
Wait is exactly what I did....

The day has finally come-
February 14
I wondered how is this day going to be
The girl in me is so excited

Will it be a heart shaped cake?

Or, will you spoil me with chocolates?

Probably just a simple card with a message from the heart
Wait a sec- 15 pounds??? I am resisting the urge to kick your ass... Never mind, you are forgiven this time.

Oh, is that a diamond ring I see?

Propose? Perhaps...

Or simply pampering me with flowers.Hmm, they smell wonderful

Even if that is not possible, never mind,just a simple 3 words- I LOVE YOU- scribbled on the walls of my house.Hey, I am pretty blind, I need it to be written in big words plus I have neighbours=)

In fact I got my lips all decorated,ooopps, what I mean is, I applied a "small amount" of lip stick on=)

Just may be, if we decide to steal a kiss from one another under the beautiful stars...
Rinnngggg! Oh my phone, is it one of your love messages?I wondered... Huh,no it is not! What, I don't belief this ..Someone shot my cupid..It broke its wings.Great, no messages of love & presents this year.

Riiiinnnggg! Again my phone?This time it felt real. Oh,I was dreaming. It is Valentine's Day.Guess, I have to wait for my cupid to recover,and that would be next year...
*The story continues when my cupid is fully recovered*

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