Saturday, February 27, 2010

Only 2 Minutes- To Fall In & Out Of Love

This is still about the wedding- not entirely=) Well , I thought of just posting it separately anyway. Just so that you know, that, that night at the dinner, standing at the gazebo, looking at everyone coming forward to congratulate her...suddenly my eyes just stopped wondering. I caught the sight of the most beautiful, gorgeous, to-die for pair of eyes shining under the light.It had a very magical colour and was crystal clear. Something about it was so different. Mysterious. The feeling of "warm butter sliding down the hot toast" was surreal that moment! After he left, I walked to my sister, and...

Me:"Chum, I saw this friend of yours with such gorgeous eyes shaking hands with you. Who is he?"

Sis: Huh, G..... la. That's his girlfriend by the way.

Me: Omg, he is the one. How come I have never seen him all this while. No NOOOO, he did come to my house quite often but where the hell was I? Why only now I realized his presence ( Where is the wall----need to bang my head......)

Sis: He is getting married in June.

.....And, there goes the warm butter, sliding all the way to the table top...*sigh*

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