Thursday, February 11, 2010


3 Idiots

The best movie ever! It was the only movie so far that I have seen which had too many things a person can learn from. Amir Khan looked so young and cute. I loved Madhavan's character a lot. He spoke things that are supposed to be my words-about job, life and to listening to your heart and following your passion in life.I think it is a must watch for typical Indian parents with the attitude and always worried "of what others will think..." You learn a lot from this movie.

It's Complicated

Just as complicated as the title sounds. This movie keeps you thinking- you will know how we girls and guys usually think & act, but totally loved the ending. So, what better way to understand what I am saying than to watch it yourself. ( No, my intentions are not to put up on movie reviews, but it just happen that I watched movies that kept me in the thinking mode=)

Now, back to me. I totally love Valentine's Day for one reason- the radio stations play love songs all day long-it feels soo good. One station in particular is Awesome station!My favourite.

I like when the sun shines on my face in the morning.It always feels like its a good day.

I think my mum is freaking out as the wedding is getting near- I have to constantly remind her the dates for this month and she has just one statement all the time- So fast uh, I haven't done so many things...

I am really hoping to get some pretty accessories for my saree- it has a rather unusual colour

I am excited and also having butterflies in my tummy thinking about the special toast!

I am currently in love with Michael Buble's song.

I keep hearing of Frank Sinatra this past few months.

Today I am being totally random- anything that comes to my mind,you get to read.

I love Honda CR-V.

I think I need a change in job-something laid back may be.

I am so happy for one thing this week- I am in the process of becoming a MoJo- mobile journalist with the local paper. ( Remember, I said I was thinking of a change in carrier=)

I have no idea why am I so scared of the future- by saying future I mean it starts with 5th year.

I feel like eating the dark chocolate Ferrero Rocher.

I like this 'down,down song'- Baby are you down down down down down....- now you know the song=)

I honestly had no idea what on earth all this buzz about Super Bowl was till I read it yesterday=)

I am stopping now.Love you all.

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