Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wedding Events

Holla! I survived this week. Plus, it is a beautiful beautiful weekend with an extra day off.Yeah=) How fast time flies..Creepy. Anyway, finally my sister got married. Hoping to post some pictures once I get them. The days prior to the big day is the most memorable one. Shopping, shopping and shopping + eating and eating. The kitchen was filled with sweets. People everywhere.Waking up to the sound of laughter was the nicest moments. Self beauty was also the top priority. Pedicures, black facial, and oh yes hair styling one after another was the greatest=) So I decided to go all 70's for the wedding with the hair back combed. Pretty cool & I loved it. You guys should consider trying it. And it goes well with the puffed up Saree sleeves. Sort of compliments one another. Well for the dinner, it was the curls that I choose. But the feeling of pampering yourself, and buying accessories to match the Saree was the most treasured feeling. Meeting friends that I have not met in ages was great as well.Finally, the time came when I had to go up the stage to give the special toast. I had butterflies in my tummy right before going up the stage but once I was there it just flew away. Follow a simple rule when giving heart touching speeches in a wedding dinner---speak from your heart. I know I did when I left a few of them teary eyed. Oh, I forget to mention about contact lens shopping=) Mine was brown, the other two of my sisters had honey coloured and grey coloured eye. I just love the idea of having different coloured eye for any functions.It has the energy boosting factor to it=) I end my day with dancing- so nice! Wish I can do that again! I was so busy that I forget to have my dinner *sigh* Taking photo shots did not come in easy. My "smiling muscles" were aching so much that I did not have a natural touch to the smile=( All in all it was the best times in my life.

The only upsetting thing about the whole event was the - cocky DJ! I have no idea which world he came from, but his attitude sure does not fit his carrier. Otherwise, it was a perfect day.

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