Monday, March 29, 2010


Ten Interesting and Amusing Facts About Kissing

1.The scientific name for kissing, snogging, osculating and bussing is philematology.

2.Just kissing can burn off 26 calories in one minute. ( Interesting!)

3.The average person spends two weeks of their life kissing. (Really?)

4.Eskimos, Polynesians and Malaysians and indeed, Ancient Egyptians, rub noses instead of kissing. ( Malaysians don't kiss? I strongly disagree!)

5.Ancient Romans kissed each other on the eyes or the mouth as a greeting.

6.Victorian etiquette, in the UK, required a man to kiss the back of a ladies hand.

7.A standard greeting in Europe is a kiss on both cheeks or it could be two. . .or
three or maybe four. =)

8.African tribes pay homage to their Chief by kissing the ground on which he has

9.In Ireland, you will have good luck if you kiss the Blarney Stone.

10.Allegedly the Chinese didn't kiss until the practice was introduced by Westerners, and they're still not very keen on it. ( Still not keen? Don't think so...)

More On Kissing, Snogging, Osculating and Bussing

1.Snogging helps reduce tooth decay because the extra saliva it creates helps clean out your mouth ( See, finally, that's why we like kissing=)

2.In Naples, Italy, in the 16th century, bussing was an offence that carried the death penalty. Ouch.

3.A passionate kiss uses 29 facial muscles.

4.Sensitivity of the lips is many times higher than that of the fingers.

5.It is thought that 66% of people keep their eyes closed while kissing.(I think they should too, it feels so right, doesn't it?)

6.Osculating can actually be a beauty treatment. Scientific tests show that good kissing helps reduce dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. It also makes your skin glow and your eyes shine. [that is, if they're open] ( Kiss,people, so many benefits!)

7.Fifty percent of all people have kissed romantically before they reach 14 years old. (Huh? Really? I fall into the other 50 percent than)

8.Just one kiss can contain up to 278 different bacteria, 95% of which are non-dangerous. (Interesting!)

9.Men who kiss their wives every morning before going to work supposedly live 5 years longer than men who don't. Who works these things out? ( Men, now you know how to live long life)

10.A real kiss quickens your pulse to 100 beats in a minute.

p/s = Taken from my favourite site, makes my day
And, the word "bussing" is new to me

Saturday, March 20, 2010


What a blissful morning! After 12 hours of sleep ( I know, I am a natural sleeper , is there such a thing? hehe), I feel so good, bursting with energy. It is almost a month since I shifted, and I am getting use to this place. I discovered a jogging park last week and thought I shall go explore the area. And, I did yesterday morning. It feels soooo good. I love this jogging park-it is filled with people and sort of gives me the feeling like I am in touch with nature with all the jungle like trees and with sounds of the insects and birds. In one corner, there was the aerobics group and the other end the tai-chi group. A real stress free place. After the jog, it was visiting a friend time & than early lunch, and reading the papers while watching High School Musical 2 & Oprah.Because I liked it a lot, I went for jogging again in the evening=) Than I discovered more things. There was a man in the corner who sells hot dog & drinks, there was also couples dating, & a playground “infested” with kids & a photo shot. Yup, a photo shot by a Chinese couple that will be tying the knots soon. She wore the prettiest white wedding gown. All eyes were on her. That’s because we are all in clothes soaked in sweat- a- T shirt & track suit while she on the other hand looked like she got lost among the joggers, thus all the attention. I had a beautiful day. How was yours?

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Now, this is one of my must eat dish each time I am back home-sushi! I know tons of u guys love it. Is it tasty? Well, I wouldn't really classify it as such.So, why do I like it? It is fun to eat! Really it is. Try it if you haven't. The idea of putting the tiny tiny pieces into your mouth along with the wasabi- not only it is fun, plus the wasabi brings out funny and different expressions in all of us.The sauce ( referring to the wasabi, not sure though if that's what its called) gives you the "shooting" sensation. I don't think there are words to describe the feeling unless you give it a try! So do try and let me know how it is.
Caution= For the first timers, please consume a very tiny amount of wasabi! You will see why Chilling out with mum in Sushi King. Chechi joined us after work. I love this place. Besides the dish, the ambiance is definitely the other aspect. Oh and the
moving sushi plates on the table top too!

My spectators.While I eat they watch=) Mum especially, it is so hard to get her to try anything outside-miss fussy pot! I even tried the emotional blackmailing thingy to try getting her to eat like how she use to do to me when I was a kid " Ruby ma, if you love me, you have to eat the vege" Sounds familiar?=) Anyway she tried a pinch of the wasabi and held on to the table,hehe.

Justify Full

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Good Thing About Exams

How was your day? Hope all is well. Yes, you, I am asking you=) So, today I came back 2 hours before the actual time from the hospital.My legs are aching due to the on call yesterday and my eyes is constantly falling "asleep", it is as if they are living in their own world. Both the upper and lower lids just never asks me before meeting up with each other. To add on to that, the sun outside is practically piercing through my skin. Can someone please patch up the ozone layers? And I woke up late today morning + Aunty "flow" came visiting yesterday. So, I was totally exhausted!Now, instead of sleeping, I was reading the papers( felt like I have not read them in ages).Thought of browsing the net before starting my studies. And, with that said, this is where I ended up. Anyway, while studying for my professional exams last year, I sort of got in touch with the artistic person in me. And this is what I created during my holidays, thanx to my exam induced ideas.

( Yes , it is the elephant god- I totally love Him! So how, is this nice?)

I am planning to create more "stuffs" in the future and I am finding the time to start painting once again.Hopefully that happens soon. With that, adiyos! May God fill your life with happiness.