Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Good Thing About Exams

How was your day? Hope all is well. Yes, you, I am asking you=) So, today I came back 2 hours before the actual time from the hospital.My legs are aching due to the on call yesterday and my eyes is constantly falling "asleep", it is as if they are living in their own world. Both the upper and lower lids just never asks me before meeting up with each other. To add on to that, the sun outside is practically piercing through my skin. Can someone please patch up the ozone layers? And I woke up late today morning + Aunty "flow" came visiting yesterday. So, I was totally exhausted!Now, instead of sleeping, I was reading the papers( felt like I have not read them in ages).Thought of browsing the net before starting my studies. And, with that said, this is where I ended up. Anyway, while studying for my professional exams last year, I sort of got in touch with the artistic person in me. And this is what I created during my holidays, thanx to my exam induced ideas.

( Yes , it is the elephant god- I totally love Him! So how, is this nice?)

I am planning to create more "stuffs" in the future and I am finding the time to start painting once again.Hopefully that happens soon. With that, adiyos! May God fill your life with happiness.

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