Saturday, March 20, 2010


What a blissful morning! After 12 hours of sleep ( I know, I am a natural sleeper , is there such a thing? hehe), I feel so good, bursting with energy. It is almost a month since I shifted, and I am getting use to this place. I discovered a jogging park last week and thought I shall go explore the area. And, I did yesterday morning. It feels soooo good. I love this jogging park-it is filled with people and sort of gives me the feeling like I am in touch with nature with all the jungle like trees and with sounds of the insects and birds. In one corner, there was the aerobics group and the other end the tai-chi group. A real stress free place. After the jog, it was visiting a friend time & than early lunch, and reading the papers while watching High School Musical 2 & Oprah.Because I liked it a lot, I went for jogging again in the evening=) Than I discovered more things. There was a man in the corner who sells hot dog & drinks, there was also couples dating, & a playground “infested” with kids & a photo shot. Yup, a photo shot by a Chinese couple that will be tying the knots soon. She wore the prettiest white wedding gown. All eyes were on her. That’s because we are all in clothes soaked in sweat- a- T shirt & track suit while she on the other hand looked like she got lost among the joggers, thus all the attention. I had a beautiful day. How was yours?

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