Saturday, March 6, 2010


Now, this is one of my must eat dish each time I am back home-sushi! I know tons of u guys love it. Is it tasty? Well, I wouldn't really classify it as such.So, why do I like it? It is fun to eat! Really it is. Try it if you haven't. The idea of putting the tiny tiny pieces into your mouth along with the wasabi- not only it is fun, plus the wasabi brings out funny and different expressions in all of us.The sauce ( referring to the wasabi, not sure though if that's what its called) gives you the "shooting" sensation. I don't think there are words to describe the feeling unless you give it a try! So do try and let me know how it is.
Caution= For the first timers, please consume a very tiny amount of wasabi! You will see why Chilling out with mum in Sushi King. Chechi joined us after work. I love this place. Besides the dish, the ambiance is definitely the other aspect. Oh and the
moving sushi plates on the table top too!

My spectators.While I eat they watch=) Mum especially, it is so hard to get her to try anything outside-miss fussy pot! I even tried the emotional blackmailing thingy to try getting her to eat like how she use to do to me when I was a kid " Ruby ma, if you love me, you have to eat the vege" Sounds familiar?=) Anyway she tried a pinch of the wasabi and held on to the table,hehe.

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