Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just One Of Those Days

It has been long since I posted something here but I did drop by in this page so many times and each time I did, and clicked "new post" , than I stare at an empty screen, just lost in thoughts, so many issues and stories I want to write here, but its all messed up in my head that it seems so difficult to organize all of it, & than I eventually log out. Today, I thought to myself I shall write down anything that comes to mind. I have been extremely busy in the last two weeks with studies. That apart, I have learned so much about my friends, new things about some of them. As the days go, I am becoming a little timid, funny, I used to be brave last time, never gave a shit about anything, but medicine is really one field that just at times makes you want to run away from everything, despite that I have told myself it is a challenge I have to face. And I think this year is going to fly really fast.So many competitive people around.It is about keeping yourself at the top, you know that constant pressure to be good. In the last two weeks, there was one day I came home crying for some reason that may sound stupid to many yet hurting to some. I fell into the hurting category of course. Thank god, I had someone to hear me cry and that was mum of course.Next comes the family. I think despite all our busy schedule, someone has to take the responsibility to have a gathering and to bring all of us together, otherwise there will always be a distance when we are adults. But, I guess I am lucky in that sense=) We should always care for one another, it does not mean if we are blessed with our own lives the rest is forgotten ( yup, at times you have to poke your nose to keep the rest in a better position). Oh yes, I have a new mission this year, but that I am afraid I can't reveal, but anyways wish me luck=) And, as a child I used to be a movie freak, like a really bad one, at least for Hindi movies. Dad used to get so angry during my secondary school days when he catches me watching movie at 3 in the morning. When I am back for holidays, I could go on watching till 5-6 in the morning, that is how crazy I am. Nowadays, it is the opposite. I hardly even know what are the latest movies playing in the cinema and I feel awkwardly awkward having to go through a 5 minute conversation with my buddies on movies, I would be so glad if I can even survive the first 3 minutes of the talk. To add on to it, I have friends who are taking advantage of my character, it is pretty annoying ( well, it happened today, so I just feel like screaming). I mean it wouldn't take me seconds to tell them off, but yet I don't see the necessity of being nasty, so I just shut up. Just because I never say "no" to most of the things and have been using the word "chill" zillion times , so yeah they eventually think they get to decide what I should be doing. And I think it is really immature that people think like that, you are supposed to be grown-ups, at least act professional! So yeah, that is pretty much most of the things that took place, but not all. The remainder is just meant for me...

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