Friday, April 30, 2010

Sid, Jagna...

Wake up Sid! Wonderful movie. Ranbir was awesome. Never knew I might actually like him but I fell for him in this movie. It was practical and a simple story- rich spoiled boy meets girl and he gets his wake up call, hence the tittle *wink*. He has a boyish look.So, that in a way did not immediately portray his seriousness of behaving like a mature man when he started changing over a new leaf for Konkona. But, it did work when he shouted at her. Love...funny isn't it? How all it makes you want to be a better person. I enjoyed the moments they sat on the roof top having a cup of chai and enjoying the night. I loved it when he made her a birthday cake in less than 2 minutes and kept her company. Everything they shared in the flat they lived in was wonderful moments that was to be cherished. I teared when he had to leave. Imagine waking up the next day to an empty space- with him not around to prepare the food & to keep her company. Really heart breaking! Glad it took a magazine to actually help them both to express their love.

p/s= my favourite line ; Kyu, yeh bhi party hai,tum,meh aur dho cup chai ( Why, this is also a party, u, me and 2 cups of tea)

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