Sunday, April 4, 2010

That Is What I Call Love

I go weak at my knees, my heart racing,pounding in my chest and feel the change in temperature in my body as I slip unknowingly into my imaginary world. A world full of beautiful things, full of colour, brightness, sunshine and most importantly a world with endless love.

That is exactly how I am when I am into one of those love story books. Did I mention that my favourite pass time is to fantasize? Yup, I think it is the girl in me who goes all weak as I read through the wonderful verses of love. I fall in love along with the characters. Imagining how I would like to end up just like that.How I would want to be swept off my feet just like her? I am a dreamer. Really I am. I have always wondered how it felt to have those strong arms wrapping around me, feeling loved and safe. How it feels to be kissed under the moonlight? Dancing along with him with all the eyes on us. A sort of like a princess but actually a very simple girl with the blessings to be in love.

So yeah, this is just part of the raw soul of mine that I bared here. I am so into the loving mood after reading Judith McNaught's Untill You that it hit me once again how glorious it is to be in love.Don't you agree?

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