Sunday, April 4, 2010

Walking In The Rain

The puddle of water
We both stepped our foot on
Shattered to pieces

The rain drops
Lost its grip
And fell to the muddy ground
As if it was clinging for life
At the tip of the umbrella

The sunset
Colored my surroundings
With orange and a tinge of pink
Felt so joyous
Like I was standing at heaven's door

With the pin drop silence
Only two things was loud to me
One the rain
The other your breath sound
Truly splendid
How the rain brought us together
Sharing an umbrella
Feeling the warmth of your skin
When it rubs against mine
As we try to avoid the puddle of water
Lost our balance
And held on close to each other

We did not say a word
And yet it felt just right
Like this moment was meant for us
A script that was written for us
I just had one wish
That this path would be long enough
For me to enjoy each passing second
And lock them away in my memory

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