Monday, May 3, 2010

Break Free

Have you taken any risks in life or had this feeling " I am tired of all this stuff" and you decide to stop right there and go on your own way.It will be cool if life was as such. You get to decide at this very moment what you want from it. If not for all the rules and regulations and all the norm, and a family, I would have done it. Feel like hopping on to a train and to go somewhere, anywhere, as long as it takes me to a place where there is abundance of joy ,love,happiness, and kids. Have you sat in a train station and sometimes wish to go to the counter and get a ticket to anywhere but not where you have planned, just for the fun of it, to try it, to see where this journey takes you. I have always wanted to, but never tried. Perhaps at the time the thought comes to my mind , the next thing that I always hear at the back of my head is " this is ridiculous Ruby, absolutely ridiculous, you just don't go anywhere, where were you planning to go anyway?" Than, the next thing I know, is myself sitting on the thin mattress on the lower berth going back to where I have intended to go when I purchased my ticket while looking at all the commotion that takes place at each station while everyone is trying to settle down. But deep down, I really wish just one day I can break free and do it.To take the chance to see where this journey called life leads me....

p/s=It is always nice to have a partner in crime=)

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