Sunday, May 2, 2010

Caught In Between Air And Water

Certain decisions are not easy to make in life, but they are a must. People often say,"it's your life", you decide. But how often do we make our own decisions? Create our own path.Learning from our own mistakes. Experiencing life and enjoying every moment of it as we take one step each time. We are granted with all the freedom, and a lot of motivators around us telling us how we should build the life we want, and yet why is it so difficult for us to stop and turn back and take a different path.What is it that is tying us down? Have you been in a situation where you had no plans in your mind and than you take up whatever someone else suggests and than half way through it you realize that this is not me, not what I wanted, not the life I choose. Have you? But the only problem is you are confused, cause you are dead sure this is not what you want but what is it exactly that you want to achieve, still remains a mystery. Sometimes we just wait ,hoping that opportunity will knock at our door. Part of us feel guilty- as if we are betraying those who love and trust us, and who has given us a better life, than there is the issue of time-time spent all this years doing something and going through it and than we decide to back out, next comes the money put in all these years and lastly the perception of people- our friends, uncles and aunties and all the others who are "so-called" concerned people. But my question is, why look at the few years that has passed, why not see what is going to happen in the remaining few years to come that is going to be the future, why concern about what others think when only some people were involved in the decision making from the very first day, honestly does it even matter, I mean people have their own problems and they are only good at talking where they are not needed, and what about "my"-your own happiness? Does it not matter anymore or are we just going to go through the coming days dreading our mornings knowing that we are going to work or do something that we are not really enthusiastic about and telling ourselves again and again,that when I have kids I make sure they do what they want. What about now, this very moment, don't we deserve the happiness, the joy to move on and do what we like.To create my own destiny. Why is it when we are trying to break the norm to live our life, it always causes apprehension? Aren't we suppose to take risks? There will always be fear when risks are taken. What if we are making a bad mistake? What if it all goes wrong? What if I don't succeed? So what, is it really the end of the world? Do you just pause there and regret for the decisions you took at that point of time or do you just move on and find ways to achieve in life?

p/s= Based on recent conversations and decision making and all the people that I have met , it prompted me to write this down.This is merely questions to make you think.So take a second and think about it. I have thought about it so many times in these last few years and yet never really found an answer.

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