Friday, May 14, 2010

Her Name Is Bella

She had an awfully cropped hair with matted patches of hair at some part of the skull. It has been weeks since a drop of water ever came in touch with the hair of hers. The sunburned color and stinking sweat odor of the hair did not do justice to her coppery skin and the beautiful amethyst colored almond eyes of hers. The tears at the edge of the eye was slowly washing away and bringing with it the black eye liner along its course. She let it drop.Her tears.She was too weak to wipe it away. The freckles over her chest were defined by the V-shaped plunging neckline of her dress.It added to her natural beauty. The gentle swells of her breasts were obvious.The dress, a black satin Prada dress hung on her on either side of her shoulder by a thin strap. It is studded with diamonds around her small waist. It went well with the ankle high boots minus the fish net stockings."You are lucky", she remembered one of her friends saying. The dress, was given to her by one of her "clients". Clients, she thought to herself and just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. But, the tears still flowed. Two months ago, she remembered dad calling her "Princess". Now,here she is. In this dark lane, where besides rat and cockroaches, humans, roam around. Humans who are drugged, highly intoxicated, whose bodies have been the item of trade in need of money. So was hers. Just two months ago, she made the decision to leave home with Nick. Yes, Nick, her boyfriend. The man who promised her life in a fantasy land, the man who won her heart with versus of love, the man who asked her hand in marriage.She was darn sure he was her true soul mate. She left despite all the warnings from dad. And he left her too. Yes, the same Nick who promised her sweet nothings left her in this hell, he sold her off. The sweet love making in the trust of her man's words was meaningless and it hurt her to the core. She regretted. She hated this life. Her mistakes had ruined her. She took the last drop of that liquor. She had fought and begged one of the man to sell her those "stuff". She can't live without it. It was her only means of finding peace. She held the syringe and gently pushed the needle into her skin. As "it" mixed with her blood, she had flashes of her happy life with her father and siblings. Choking back her tears ,she said softly,"Forgive Bella,dad". And, her eyes never opened again...

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