Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Independence & A Big Thank You

Morning. I have finally finished my professional exams and I am a full fledged final year student. Yeah! Honestly,yesterday was my New Year. Now, I am on par with the rest. And,I can finally pay attention to one thing till my next exam. This is the day I was waiting for since I made the decision to defer my studies in 2008. And finally it is here. Trust me folks, any trials in this journey is always a temporary thing and it will pass by fast, whatever it is. It is just one of God's way of making us strong. Studies was never the only issue for me , since acha left , there was so many emotional downfalls in life. So many people to cater for especially family. No, I am not complaining--- the start of anything in life is never an easy one but as it goes things will eventually fall in place. Time probably heals the pain- not completely perhaps a little. 2 years was definitely an eye opener-meeting people, understanding them, standing up for yourself, appreciating the small things that makes a great difference, maturing and the feel of wanting to do everything right now, this very moment, to spent when I want to, to go on a vacation or a trip or anything without giving much of a thought, to dance till I am exhausted, to see more people, and a lot more to name. So, I was thinking, I am going to take some time to thank some people who had been there, and made a difference in the last 2 years directly or indirectly. I have never particularly mentioned any one's name before so if I did today I am being truly sincere and wishing you people a big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

1) Sham chechi

Where do I start when it comes to you, basically
everything was possible due to
your effort. The amount of patience, love and understanding and support that
you gave all throughout-
from the time I deffered my studies, all the train journeys to keep me company and all the encouragement.Oh yes, and the driving will never be possible if it was not for your support. And I needed you the most to keep me sane.To listen to me pour my heart out!Thank you for being rational.

2) Ma-me mummy

Despite all the irrationalities and emotional downfall, as a mother, you are still the best.
You had a dual role since 2008-both as a dad & a mum. And you did both very well. You have always worried about not being able to do it right and not as perfectly as acha- but honestly no one could have done it better than you! Chumi's wedding would not have been possible without you! And I would not have made it this far as well. I admire you patience & always wished I had half of it.So, thank you and love you.

3) Priscillia

You are part of the family now. Thank you for all the help. And especially for all the driving
around to distribute the cards and to settle everything else-from the slide making, to the late nights chats and to be very patient with the DJ=) So many things would not have been possible without you. So thank you!

4) Kishore

Thank you for all the wonderful lunch and dinner and hours and hours of time spent talking.
Really kept my mind off things. Thank you for making me feel welcomed and not so awkward when I was back for my studies. And also for sending me home that Christmas morning. Truly a friend I can count on.So, a big thank you and do let me no if I am of any help.

5) Sarita

A big thank you and a hug for listening to me pour my heart out at the time I needed most. And also, for allowing me to stay over! I really appreciate it. Hope to return your favour one day. And as promised, will get you your Tatiana=) & it was nice having you around back home and to be able to explore my primary school, thanx to you.

6) Rathi

Thank you for filling me up with all the stories=) and keeping me happy. I sort of felt like I was back in the class and did not miss anything, thanx to you.

P/S= Off to gym now. Have a blessed day!

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