Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Another Note...

Mum & I had this conversation today...

Thejas, my 8 year old nephew, wanted to know the amount of ribs we have, claiming that the last time he had a chest X-ray taken , he had forgotten to count the amount of ribs on the film.So, yeah I told him. Anyway, later on I was talking to mum.

I : Ma, he is so inquisitive. Probably he should become a doctor. Do you think he might want to swap places with me.

Mum: I don't know. Why don't you ask him?

I: Thejas mon, you want to become a doctor uh when you grow up?

Thejas : But, I don't know anything about cells. ( in his adorable baby voice)

I: Never mind, they will teach you.

Thejas: Duwan.... I want to become a businessman ( I know where he got this idea from=)

Mum: *mum laughing*

I : Ma , I think I used to be as inquisitive as him when I was small, asking you a lot of questions,but you la, did not give me an answer for any of them, now am feeling stupid.

Mum: (LAUGHING LOUD) The only questions you ever asked me was where all the food was kept my dear.

I: (hahahaha) I know.Sounds like me alright.That's why I am telling you my interest have always been food , I should have taken up baking or cooking instead of med.

And, that was a piece of the conversation that made my day! Great Day! Today is a beautiful day! Stop for a little while to feel the breeze on your face and smell those flowers. Love you!

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