Monday, July 19, 2010

A Story Not Told

Holla! Its been long since I blogged, thanx to my elective postings, instead of being an awesome holiday, I spent it with patients, and since now I have got 5 days of break before I got back to campus , so I thought I better see what's happening in this side of the world. Anyway, what I want to talk about today, is really something that should bring awareness, an introduction to another world that not many know.

KL as many know is a big big city bustling with traffic, loads of people with the latest trend, gigantic malls to chill out, on a whole appears as a civilized place.Everything peaceful, another icon of transformation, as a result of development. Naturally, we expect the neighbouring area to be equally developed, human wise also, at least that's what I thought. But, what I discovered many days ago, was rather a new and thought changing experience. The National Leprosy Center back in Sungai Buloh was the home for hundred over patients over the last 50 years.Yes, 5o and probably more. Patients living in the same bed for years. Their bed is their home. These are humans that are living in a different world, with no contact with the outside world. Here, there are patients that have been left since the age of nine and never went back home. Each had a different story to tell. Some still having the mentality of a nine year old despite being 45. Transformation has taken place but not for these people. For them, the corridor is the north-south highway, the newly mowed lawn is another state, the freshly grown flowers are paintings on the wall and they have a cat for a companion. This is their life. A story not told.

I left that place tear eyed and swear I would never step a foot again in there. I am not being selfish, but there is a part of me that feels there is no way any human should live like that. I am not prepared emotionally and mentally to go back again.

If you are complaining about incompleteness, than take a look at them. You will learn to appreciate everything. If you are complaining about not having a mirror, they don't have a presentable face (effect of erosion). If you are complaining about not having the best sunglasses, they don't have eyes to see. If you think you are bad at drawing, they don't have fingers. If dancing is a difficult task for you, they would at least wished to have the other half of the leg to move around! If you think the entire world is so unfair to you, than I have no words, you definitely haven't seen them yet...

I know I said I won't go back, I have been there, I have seen it,it will take time...But, they won't mind having a human for a companion once in a while for a change...So give it a thought.
Good day all!

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