Thursday, August 5, 2010

Experience, My Teacher

Yesterday, was one of the "pages" in my book of life. You know how some of us used to have cat fights with our peers when we were teens (luckily we are not blessed with claws otherwise I cant imagine what would have happened), over tiny stuffs, well surprisingly I accidentally got myself into one (Notice I used the word accident, cause I loathe getting involved with immature creatures). Anyway the point is, after much analyzing, I have come to know how much I have learned with just one incident. I learned to stand up for what is right, surprisingly I also learned that people have predicted me so well that so much so when I stood up for myself, they felt I should not be like that( what logic is that?). I have learned not to discuss in anger, instead more calmly with a soft tone, believe it or not, it was like a magic, it worked wonders. And I also learned it is okay to put ourselves down and make the other person feel better if it is going to be beneficial to us( hey, people did not simply say fake it to make it).Plus, I have learned the other person's character very well. Lastly, I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect-Edward Gibbon (Very well said, how true) Till yesterday, I asked why it happened to me, but today I am grateful it was me, otherwise I would have never learned. Many more pages to go...

~Life is like an empty book whereby the pages are filled up as the days go, only a few chapters in this book is worth looking back at , the rest is merely an experience to make us strong and mature~Rubashini Nair

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