Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It Is Love

I love love. The feeling is so beautiful. It makes you pretty. You feel excited. It gives you the thrill of looking forward for the next day. A form of energy that comes endlessly. You are surrounded by the positive vibe. Nothing else matters. Music adds on a double joy to the feeling. The songs of love. Makes you think if they were written only for you. You wait hours for him. That one call you wait for the whole day keeps you going. The second you hear his voice, it melts your heart. All your troubles find their way out of the door. You talk like you are the only two people around. Everything about it is so beautiful. It changes anyone into a poet. You try hard to write the most beautiful verses of love, though you fail at it, yet it is the best one ever written to the significant other. Such is the power of love. It is like a magic.Love heals anything on the path it takes...

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