Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Hate Love Story

In love with "I hate luv story". It is a simple story. It is nothing like DDLJ @ K2H2. Simple, that's all.But why do I love it so much?It is Imraan Khan. He played his role well , that boyish thing that he portrayed was adorable! He reminds me of Santiago( from Miss Tres Hermanes). And when Imraan wore the red shirt with all the red background to go with the mood---it was, omg, romantic! I love guys who can really pull off a red shirt=)

So here goes, some of the pics from the movie

Hmmm=) Didn't I tell you! Wish I could have gotta a better picture, but yeah that's the red shirt!

I can look at this pic the whole day!

Santiago@Ricardo. Just for a comparison. Don't they have some amount of similiarity?


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