Saturday, September 18, 2010

Own Space?

In life, we will always need someone to fall back on. Someone to say "yeah you are right".Someone to give a pat on the shoulder and say " Don't worry". Someone for us to cry to. No one man can live on their own. In the name of responsibilities, we go all out,we claim we want our own space. Own space? Yeh "own space" ka matlap kia hai? What is own space? Living in an empty house and to come home to a house with absolute peace and no noise? Is this own space? It could be, but it depends on how long do you want the peace and no noise. Imagine walking into a house with kids running, full of noise, yet full of life, a mum/dad/wife/husband to ask you how was your day. You still have someone to talk to if you need to complain about your boss. You may not get the absolute quietness but there is a self satisfaction that you get.A joy you can never trade for anything else. When happiness becomes a routine,you will not realize the value of it. Now, imagine walking into the same home that was filled with joy and life once upon a time and now absolutely empty.There you have got the happiness you are seeking for. The absolute quietness you want is granted. One week, than a month, a year goes by. Why do you feel tired at the end of it, when you have absolutely no attachment and no commitments? Now you ask for the same noise that once filled your house, the same faces that you see everyday.Why? Because despite having your own space, there will always be an emptiness in you. An emptiness that can only be filled by the ones you love. So the next time you say you want your own space and your own life. Think again! You are not kidding anyone. We quite often say hello and greet strangers that we meet once in a while in life but we fail to do so to those we see everyday at home? Why does this happen?Learn to give small appreciation to the one living in your heart rather than to the one's who walk right in and out of your heart... It happens..when you so often see a person and suddenly the person is not there, you miss them. Hard facts of life- You learn to appreciate when you loose something, you never know how precious they are till you loose them...So do me a favour, and wish a loud good morning to your family members tomorrow. Saying I love you will not bruise your ego in anyway either, so give it at try! Love you all. Happy Saturday!

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