Monday, September 27, 2010

Tears Of Joy

You know there are times when that one person that you least expected walks in to your life and leave behind footprints and you want to treasure them forever. That one person, who brings tears of joy in your life. Yes, tears of joy!When he leaves you speechless and you are overwhelmed with emotions, happiness it is. That one man is none other than my Orthopedics lecturer, Dr.Ashutosh S Rao. I never really had any sort of connection with him, but today it was different. I saw another side of him that I liked. He was generous at giving compliments. He would be the one person I would have least expected to realize my presence, but I was so wrong. He was a fatherly figure. I just like him. There , I said it.I felt like a daughter that is obliged to listen to my father praise , scold and care- that was the sort of atmosphere he created. For the first time in my life, I was overcome with tears of joy. And the feeling is beautiful! Made my day! I have never really mentioned about any lecturer in particular, but he was one of the memories that I want to preserve. It was my memory and it is beautiful! He makes us better doctors.

P/S= This post was created for a future reference. 50 years down this journey, when I am old and grey,I want to be able to look back at those special people who left their footprints in my heart...And he is one of them.

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