Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Mr.X:Reformed or Multiple Personality Disorder

This is Mr.X and his car.A picture that I drew yesterday.Now the big cross over his face is not by me it is by the friend of mine who wanted Mr.X to have a heart attack. Anyway, today,is the third day of class. And.... Mr.X was an angel.No kidding! We saw a reformed man. A man with full of philosophy. And when Mr.X is talking 'professional', he really talks professional. No one person has got my full attention in the many years but Mr.X did( okay a little too exaggerated, maybe some people manage to get my attention). What I am really trying to say is that I have got a short attention span, and today I was so engaged with the way Mr.X spoke. I am serious , no sarcasm here, he is good when he wants to be otherwise he is plain psycho. And I liked him today. Was he really a reformed man or is he having a multiple personality disorder?

P/S= As much as he was a nice man and my friend and I would like to revive him from the 'impending' stroke and heart attack , there are still a majority of them who do not like/trust Mr.X.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Slow Day And Hand Art

This is the result of the last day of being in the Orthopedics department. Plus, it was an extremely slow day as if the clocks have all temporarily stopped working, nevertheless it was a beautiful day.As a result, we ended up with hand art (is there such a thing?) .That is my hand=) and the work of art is by Priya. Cute ain't it?
On another note...my specialist told us that he was not around for the weekend, he went for the motor GP. I thought it was so exciting and cool, so my curious button got turned on and also my blur button (I have no idea where is it placed) , so I innocently asked "Sir, u took part in the motor GP or were you just a spectator?" ( Either way I thought is so cool for him to attend it) .He looked at me in confusion and answered rather pitifully "No, I went as the medical team in charged of sports injury" and PUFF!!! My curious bubble burst. "Oh", is all I could say and followed by fits of laughter from the class=)

p/s=Funny, but I am missing orthopedics posting!

Meet Mr.X

Meet Mr. X. He is a psychiatrist. Now, this is a brief summary on Mr.X that took place in less than 24 hours. First, he makes us go on a 2 hour journey ( to & fro) for classes. We were told to be there at 8.30 and so we did. Waiting....still waiting, there Mr.X walks in at 9.2o, pheww, finally! Mr.X thinks this place has got snow, hence explains the blazer that he wears 24-7. One glance, and you might be fooled into thinking he is the new pub singer in town.No, absolutely not! Mr.X is a psychiatrist. Second day of class, thus Mr.X feels it is his utmost responsibility to make our lives miserable. Some of his words uttered at 9.45 am are as follows:
  • You all are a lazy bunch of people
  • I can't tolerate this D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G (please stress to give it the extra effect) attitude! ( If I am not mistaken this was the same line uttered by Kareena's fiance in the movie 3 idiots,hmm,talking about originality)
  • I will neglect all of you!
  • You can bring a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink.
Next goes the poor boy to start his presentation.Now, Mr.X, the psychiatrist, is buzy with his phone for the next 20 minutes. The poor boy hasn't got the perfect command of language, it is broken, so what happens next? Mr.X, the psychiatrist thinks it is time he came back in action, so poor boy gets scolding and was sent back to his chair. Next,comes the second poor boy, well he ended up with the same fate. So at 10.00am, Mr.X says:
  • This is ridiculously stupid! ( Yes , Mr.X is a psychiatrist, you are right!)
Oh, did I mention in between those ridiculously stupid presentation, Mr.X, the PSYCHIATRIST had his left leg rested on the top of the chair in front of him (talking about disgusting characters), and voila removes his foot few seconds later. Now, Mr.X is angry, so he wants the topic presentations to start. So, goes the third know-how-to-survive-boy, he talks, and talks, at 10.10 am, the electricity decides to play its role by taking a few minutes off, so we were in darkness.Hmm, now funny enough, this did not make Mr.X angry, instead he was hungry, so he decides to go for breakfast. At 10.12 am ,right before his breakfast journey starts, he says "Please do not waste my time if you all are not interested". Pity third know-how-to-survive-boy, electricity caused him dishonor from Mr.X. Now, being a psychiatrist , Mr.X decides to be considerate and to come back after 50 minutes to take the class, that included the time taken to eat and partially digest the food. Class starts at 11.02 am till 11.53 am. Being a busy man, Mr.X went on meddling with his phone throughout the class.

The story does not just end there. Of course not. The fourth victim decides to try her luck, so she goes forward to say "sorry". What do you think Mr.X the psychiatrist would have said? "Three words I dislike in English, and one of it is sorry" ( no prize for guessing which Tamil movie actor said this=) (Yes , I am also curious what are the other two words). This is the story of Mr.X, the psychiatrist.And you know what is the best part of it, Mr.X is a PSYCHIATRIST!

It took 93 minutes to know:
  • Mr.X is a male chauvinist pig
  • Many wanted him to have a heart attack
  • Some preferred hemorrhagic stroke as it carries a worse prognosis
  • He is a dominating ,boatsful, loves-himself male
  • He sold his Mercedes Benz as it was a temporary habitat for cockroaches and bought a new one
Difficult facts to digest:


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wrong Diagnosis & I Broke Down

I have been having this nagging knee pain for a long time now.It got severe and I finally decided to see the doctor to clarify things. All went well and I got the X-rays done. And than it was time to review the x-rays in my presence of course. Before the film could pop up in the screen, she asked me to be strong, instead I told "no worries, all will be fine." Than, there it was. The density that I saw, I teared. She said she will get it reviewed and get a second opinion from the consultant. I waited restlessly.And at one point of time I could no longer hold my emotions and I started crying. Few hours later she called me up. I went to meet her telling myself all the time to be strong. Puff! the balloon was deflated! Boy , was I glad to know it was a wrong diagnosis. I was advised for a physiotherapy instead and to come again if the pain persists.

Now, that was the situation. It was a few hours of emotional downturn in my life. And the one person that came to my mind was dad. Part of me told myself to be positive and the other half just could no longer hold the tears anymore. But I was sure glad to know it was all fine. That day made a lot of difference and thought me a lot of new things.

p/s= I was totally drained out of energy that day and all I needed at the end of the
day was my bed and my sleep!

God Keep My Lecturers Sane!

(*This post is written purely after witnessing some lecturers behave*)As one gets older, one gets wiser! Now,that's common saying. But it does not apply to all. What I have observed is that as one gets older, one gets sarcastic, cynical and is filled with ego. And this apply true to most male lecturers, whose body pores are clogged with egoistic dust that do not allow them to breathe. Imagine this one lecturer who never gets satisfied with anything you do or rather I do in this context.He says things rather blandly.He behaves worst than my 8 year old nephew! I mean common if we knew all the things we would not be students we would be lecturers. How hard I try to please him, he always has that sarcastic smile that says tons of mean things without even uttering a single word.There was once , when he took our class and he talked something about knowing our subjects in and out, so he came up with this " If you know something so well, you can apply it in everything you do" next came the example of it - "I will horizontalize your perpendicularity" (apparently something uttered by a mathematician when he got angry with someone). Well, apparently that's the only thing about the entire class that I remember. He is so rigid. Wish he was a little flexible. Despite all this nonsense I still like him. And reasons for that? Because he reminds me of acha- certain things he talk, his nose ( a little long but almost similar), his cheeks especially, his colour and his spectacles ( same colour frame and size but it only lacks that extra smaller lens that there is in the middle like acha does) and to a certain extent his rigidity ( I remember having to remind acha how to smile all the time). Well he is still okay to a certain extent. But the worst is this other old man with titles attach to his name. All of those titles gives him respect anywhere and everywhere he goes, no the title is not GOD and yet he behaves like one. It gives me the shivers each time he smiles cause it is reeking in impurity and extremely fake. Boastful, definitely he is! My god , he deems respect all the time. We HAVE to listen to him and yet he asks for opinions from us when at the end of the day he is sticking with his decisions. A real pain! And totally makes our lives miserable. Favoritism is his in thing. If he likes a student, than it never matters how freaking stupid you are and you will always be liked. That's totally insane! The older he grows, the more crazy he gets. The only thing that is good about him is that he takes good lectures on a certain topic , otherwise I would not have an itsybitsy respect for him. On another note I was with a frustrated guy friend few days ago when he said this "Honesty does not serve its purpose , you must know how to survive" How true!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breasts:Not All That Pretty

Breasts have always been a sexual attraction to all men and a self confidence tool to females , thus it is never rare to find women wanting to perform breast enhancing surgeries to please both the genders. Now , the issue comes when a male has breasts. Not that I am saying they don't, they do , but what if it were to be as the size of a female breast, that too on a 14 year old boy. This is a syndrome. It is called the Klinefelter syndrome, when the male has an extra X sex chromosome. I spoke to a 44 year old male today, he was fine till suddenly he said that he had to stop schooling due to gynocomastia ( this is the term for a male with increased breast tissue) . I was shocked. I know somewhere in my notes not too long ago, I read about people with this syndrome being depressed due to psychosocial implications. It was just a line back than but today I saw the real meaning behind those words. This man who had this problem since childhood was afraid to go to school. He had a surgery done at the age of 18 for the removal of excess breaststissue. But it had robbed him of his childhood and adolescence. He was psychologically affected. I was left speechless when he asked "Why this happened to him?". He probably when through a lot more, this was just superficial. What all can a small defect in the genes do to a person?