Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breasts:Not All That Pretty

Breasts have always been a sexual attraction to all men and a self confidence tool to females , thus it is never rare to find women wanting to perform breast enhancing surgeries to please both the genders. Now , the issue comes when a male has breasts. Not that I am saying they don't, they do , but what if it were to be as the size of a female breast, that too on a 14 year old boy. This is a syndrome. It is called the Klinefelter syndrome, when the male has an extra X sex chromosome. I spoke to a 44 year old male today, he was fine till suddenly he said that he had to stop schooling due to gynocomastia ( this is the term for a male with increased breast tissue) . I was shocked. I know somewhere in my notes not too long ago, I read about people with this syndrome being depressed due to psychosocial implications. It was just a line back than but today I saw the real meaning behind those words. This man who had this problem since childhood was afraid to go to school. He had a surgery done at the age of 18 for the removal of excess breaststissue. But it had robbed him of his childhood and adolescence. He was psychologically affected. I was left speechless when he asked "Why this happened to him?". He probably when through a lot more, this was just superficial. What all can a small defect in the genes do to a person?

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