Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet Mr.X

Meet Mr. X. He is a psychiatrist. Now, this is a brief summary on Mr.X that took place in less than 24 hours. First, he makes us go on a 2 hour journey ( to & fro) for classes. We were told to be there at 8.30 and so we did. Waiting....still waiting, there Mr.X walks in at 9.2o, pheww, finally! Mr.X thinks this place has got snow, hence explains the blazer that he wears 24-7. One glance, and you might be fooled into thinking he is the new pub singer in town.No, absolutely not! Mr.X is a psychiatrist. Second day of class, thus Mr.X feels it is his utmost responsibility to make our lives miserable. Some of his words uttered at 9.45 am are as follows:
  • You all are a lazy bunch of people
  • I can't tolerate this D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G (please stress to give it the extra effect) attitude! ( If I am not mistaken this was the same line uttered by Kareena's fiance in the movie 3 idiots,hmm,talking about originality)
  • I will neglect all of you!
  • You can bring a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink.
Next goes the poor boy to start his presentation.Now, Mr.X, the psychiatrist, is buzy with his phone for the next 20 minutes. The poor boy hasn't got the perfect command of language, it is broken, so what happens next? Mr.X, the psychiatrist thinks it is time he came back in action, so poor boy gets scolding and was sent back to his chair. Next,comes the second poor boy, well he ended up with the same fate. So at 10.00am, Mr.X says:
  • This is ridiculously stupid! ( Yes , Mr.X is a psychiatrist, you are right!)
Oh, did I mention in between those ridiculously stupid presentation, Mr.X, the PSYCHIATRIST had his left leg rested on the top of the chair in front of him (talking about disgusting characters), and voila removes his foot few seconds later. Now, Mr.X is angry, so he wants the topic presentations to start. So, goes the third know-how-to-survive-boy, he talks, and talks, at 10.10 am, the electricity decides to play its role by taking a few minutes off, so we were in darkness.Hmm, now funny enough, this did not make Mr.X angry, instead he was hungry, so he decides to go for breakfast. At 10.12 am ,right before his breakfast journey starts, he says "Please do not waste my time if you all are not interested". Pity third know-how-to-survive-boy, electricity caused him dishonor from Mr.X. Now, being a psychiatrist , Mr.X decides to be considerate and to come back after 50 minutes to take the class, that included the time taken to eat and partially digest the food. Class starts at 11.02 am till 11.53 am. Being a busy man, Mr.X went on meddling with his phone throughout the class.

The story does not just end there. Of course not. The fourth victim decides to try her luck, so she goes forward to say "sorry". What do you think Mr.X the psychiatrist would have said? "Three words I dislike in English, and one of it is sorry" ( no prize for guessing which Tamil movie actor said this=) (Yes , I am also curious what are the other two words). This is the story of Mr.X, the psychiatrist.And you know what is the best part of it, Mr.X is a PSYCHIATRIST!

It took 93 minutes to know:
  • Mr.X is a male chauvinist pig
  • Many wanted him to have a heart attack
  • Some preferred hemorrhagic stroke as it carries a worse prognosis
  • He is a dominating ,boatsful, loves-himself male
  • He sold his Mercedes Benz as it was a temporary habitat for cockroaches and bought a new one
Difficult facts to digest:


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