Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet Mr.X:Reformed or Multiple Personality Disorder

This is Mr.X and his car.A picture that I drew yesterday.Now the big cross over his face is not by me it is by the friend of mine who wanted Mr.X to have a heart attack. Anyway, today,is the third day of class. And.... Mr.X was an angel.No kidding! We saw a reformed man. A man with full of philosophy. And when Mr.X is talking 'professional', he really talks professional. No one person has got my full attention in the many years but Mr.X did( okay a little too exaggerated, maybe some people manage to get my attention). What I am really trying to say is that I have got a short attention span, and today I was so engaged with the way Mr.X spoke. I am serious , no sarcasm here, he is good when he wants to be otherwise he is plain psycho. And I liked him today. Was he really a reformed man or is he having a multiple personality disorder?

P/S= As much as he was a nice man and my friend and I would like to revive him from the 'impending' stroke and heart attack , there are still a majority of them who do not like/trust Mr.X.


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