Monday, October 18, 2010

Slow Day And Hand Art

This is the result of the last day of being in the Orthopedics department. Plus, it was an extremely slow day as if the clocks have all temporarily stopped working, nevertheless it was a beautiful day.As a result, we ended up with hand art (is there such a thing?) .That is my hand=) and the work of art is by Priya. Cute ain't it?
On another specialist told us that he was not around for the weekend, he went for the motor GP. I thought it was so exciting and cool, so my curious button got turned on and also my blur button (I have no idea where is it placed) , so I innocently asked "Sir, u took part in the motor GP or were you just a spectator?" ( Either way I thought is so cool for him to attend it) .He looked at me in confusion and answered rather pitifully "No, I went as the medical team in charged of sports injury" and PUFF!!! My curious bubble burst. "Oh", is all I could say and followed by fits of laughter from the class=)

p/s=Funny, but I am missing orthopedics posting!

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