Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wrong Diagnosis & I Broke Down

I have been having this nagging knee pain for a long time now.It got severe and I finally decided to see the doctor to clarify things. All went well and I got the X-rays done. And than it was time to review the x-rays in my presence of course. Before the film could pop up in the screen, she asked me to be strong, instead I told "no worries, all will be fine." Than, there it was. The density that I saw, I teared. She said she will get it reviewed and get a second opinion from the consultant. I waited restlessly.And at one point of time I could no longer hold my emotions and I started crying. Few hours later she called me up. I went to meet her telling myself all the time to be strong. Puff! the balloon was deflated! Boy , was I glad to know it was a wrong diagnosis. I was advised for a physiotherapy instead and to come again if the pain persists.

Now, that was the situation. It was a few hours of emotional downturn in my life. And the one person that came to my mind was dad. Part of me told myself to be positive and the other half just could no longer hold the tears anymore. But I was sure glad to know it was all fine. That day made a lot of difference and thought me a lot of new things.

p/s= I was totally drained out of energy that day and all I needed at the end of the
day was my bed and my sleep!

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