Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUBY=) I feel as happy as a Pooh bear!I RECEIVED MY PARCEL OF LOVE FROM HOME- A DOZEN OF YELLOW ROSES AND A BOX OF FERRERO ROCHER. THANK U ALL( especially Sham for the effort,love you). Every year my birthday teaches me one thing- I am lucky to have a family like mine and to be a part of it. Counting my blessings. It gives me an energy to move on in life. THANX!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Another Beautiful Saturday

Beautiful day.Morning all. I love Saturday. Lets see, plans for today:
- to temple
- buy a box of chocolate with a thank you note as a gift for a friend
(she has been a darling=)

- study with no stress
- and hopefully go to the hospital at night to clerk some patients

This coming exams are really freaking me out. Everyone , all my friends I mean, are leaving in their own world and are different. I, well, have not been doing things as per time. So today, I shall pen down things to be done in the next two months. A schedule to get me through my papers. I know each of us are different, but sometimes the competition can be really high, and that leaves you thinking if you have not done enough. Anyways, wish me luck! Its time to really get things done and to have all this negative thoughts, worries and stress stored away. God bless me=) Love you people. Hope all your good dreams come true today. And remember, try sending out positive energy, because as the saying goes what goes around comes around! Oh, just to add and to share with you wonderful people, this is the quote from my calendar that's on my table:

"Change your thoughts and you change your world"
-Norman Vincent Peale-

Love you.Bear hug to all.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Acha, Me And The Perfect Cup of Tea

I felt like having tea today after cleaning up my room. I usually never do my own tea.Its always amma who makes them for me, especially her super tasty masala tea! But, today, I was just so badly craving for it. And, so I did make myself a cup. Just than, I got back all the memories of making tea for acha years ago. Its routine acha always has two cups of tea- mid morning and in the late afternoon. Whenever amma used to be away at work, its only acha,divu(my niece) and me at home. So, I so very often used to make dad a cup of tea. But, it was more than a routine rather than something that I have to do. I never made it from my heart. I don't think I did. He never complained though, not even once. He drank faithfully. I made and he drank.You see, I am never really good at making tea nor coffee.It never comes easily for me. Even till now. I have always stuck with the 3-1's that is convenient and had a better taste. All through the years, twice acha complimented me. He said the tea was perfect. It was in perfect composition. I very often used to think really? The tea I make can turn out that well. But the irony of it all is, out of the 365 cups of tea per year that I did, and that is only for one year I am counting, I never made the perfect cup of tea. I just made, for the sake of it, I forgot that acha was drinking it.It was more of a routine. And yet he never complained, not even once, he never did. It only struck me today, cause my cup of tea was awful, it tasted like sugar dissolved in water when it was supposed to taste like tea. I felt a sense of regret. If he was here today, I would have served him with the perfect cup of tea all my life....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Praying Mantis That Prays

Found this little fella praying on my house porch. He sat there for a few hours , not moving much, except that it turned its head for the photo shot=). Cute isn't he?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look, What I Have Found

See, see, I found my file that I decorated when I was at the age of...(hmmm, I have forgotten), but never mind, I did it when I was a small kid, that I am sure.Pretty ain't it?=)

SS moment=) Hehe

Home SWEET Home

Going back home had always been an adventure for me. Besides the major cleaning to do, there is always a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. A feeling so beautiful. Yes, I am back home=) One week break and tons of cleaning ( really, tons). Plus, the joy of having everyone at home this festive season even if it is for a day, is one of my best moments in life.So, yes I am indeed looking forward to it albeit all the work. Now, washing and cleaning are all considered normal stuff but there are also other work that not many people will have the "opportunity" of doing after coming home in such a long long time. Well this opportunity was created by the.... "RATS".. argghhh! So here are some of the photos of my lovely break.So, here is the treasure. Rat shit! Dear ratty rat, kindly find a different place to shit and pee. My mum is really upset with you people. Don't spoil my holiday. As much as I think you are cute and all, please use the loo.It is just beside the kitchen,okay?

More treasure.Arghhh!Hmmm...this calls for patience!

=) Yeah mangoes. Mommy and me collecting these wonderful things.Yum, yum! While cherecha (uncle) is on the tree, giving it a real hard shake so that all the mangoes will drop down. Something that usually acha used to do.Finally,me=)) That's acha's hat on my head. He used to use it each time he is doing work. Ahh, I LOVE home! Totally!

P/S= Have to get back to studying very soon:P. Adios.Love Ya People! Happy Diwali!