Saturday, November 20, 2010

Acha, Me And The Perfect Cup of Tea

I felt like having tea today after cleaning up my room. I usually never do my own tea.Its always amma who makes them for me, especially her super tasty masala tea! But, today, I was just so badly craving for it. And, so I did make myself a cup. Just than, I got back all the memories of making tea for acha years ago. Its routine acha always has two cups of tea- mid morning and in the late afternoon. Whenever amma used to be away at work, its only acha,divu(my niece) and me at home. So, I so very often used to make dad a cup of tea. But, it was more than a routine rather than something that I have to do. I never made it from my heart. I don't think I did. He never complained though, not even once. He drank faithfully. I made and he drank.You see, I am never really good at making tea nor coffee.It never comes easily for me. Even till now. I have always stuck with the 3-1's that is convenient and had a better taste. All through the years, twice acha complimented me. He said the tea was perfect. It was in perfect composition. I very often used to think really? The tea I make can turn out that well. But the irony of it all is, out of the 365 cups of tea per year that I did, and that is only for one year I am counting, I never made the perfect cup of tea. I just made, for the sake of it, I forgot that acha was drinking it.It was more of a routine. And yet he never complained, not even once, he never did. It only struck me today, cause my cup of tea was awful, it tasted like sugar dissolved in water when it was supposed to taste like tea. I felt a sense of regret. If he was here today, I would have served him with the perfect cup of tea all my life....

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