Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home SWEET Home

Going back home had always been an adventure for me. Besides the major cleaning to do, there is always a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. A feeling so beautiful. Yes, I am back home=) One week break and tons of cleaning ( really, tons). Plus, the joy of having everyone at home this festive season even if it is for a day, is one of my best moments in life.So, yes I am indeed looking forward to it albeit all the work. Now, washing and cleaning are all considered normal stuff but there are also other work that not many people will have the "opportunity" of doing after coming home in such a long long time. Well this opportunity was created by the.... "RATS".. argghhh! So here are some of the photos of my lovely break.So, here is the treasure. Rat shit! Dear ratty rat, kindly find a different place to shit and pee. My mum is really upset with you people. Don't spoil my holiday. As much as I think you are cute and all, please use the loo.It is just beside the kitchen,okay?

More treasure.Arghhh!Hmmm...this calls for patience!

=) Yeah mangoes. Mommy and me collecting these wonderful things.Yum, yum! While cherecha (uncle) is on the tree, giving it a real hard shake so that all the mangoes will drop down. Something that usually acha used to do.Finally,me=)) That's acha's hat on my head. He used to use it each time he is doing work. Ahh, I LOVE home! Totally!

P/S= Have to get back to studying very soon:P. Adios.Love Ya People! Happy Diwali!

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