Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Another Beautiful Saturday

Beautiful day.Morning all. I love Saturday. Lets see, plans for today:
- to temple
- buy a box of chocolate with a thank you note as a gift for a friend
(she has been a darling=)

- study with no stress
- and hopefully go to the hospital at night to clerk some patients

This coming exams are really freaking me out. Everyone , all my friends I mean, are leaving in their own world and are different. I, well, have not been doing things as per time. So today, I shall pen down things to be done in the next two months. A schedule to get me through my papers. I know each of us are different, but sometimes the competition can be really high, and that leaves you thinking if you have not done enough. Anyways, wish me luck! Its time to really get things done and to have all this negative thoughts, worries and stress stored away. God bless me=) Love you people. Hope all your good dreams come true today. And remember, try sending out positive energy, because as the saying goes what goes around comes around! Oh, just to add and to share with you wonderful people, this is the quote from my calendar that's on my table:

"Change your thoughts and you change your world"
-Norman Vincent Peale-

Love you.Bear hug to all.

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