Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love, A Painful Bliss

Yet Painful,
Freedom it offers,
Yet trapped in an emotional circle,

Makes you wise,
Yet the slave of it,
Reassures happiness,
Yet empty promises

Gives you wings
Yet ties you down
Gives you hope
Yet breaks your faith

Glorifies you like a sun
Saddens you like dark clouds
Takes away your breath
Yet put an end to life
Can be the start
or the end
After all, it is love
Loving Obsessively
Vulnerability Eternally


Appendix & Wise Sayings

People have always overlooked the functions of an appendix. It has always been labeled the organ without a function. So, let me clear your doubts on it and tell you the sole purpose of the existence of an appendix.

Firstly,it is by far considered the most precious gift to the humans called house-officers.

The first diagnosis you are probably going to make when you are posted to the surgical department would be that of an acute appendicitis without the help of your senior houseman.
(There, now, doesn't that boost your confidence)

The first operation you are going to assist and do own your own would probably be an appendectomy and probably a few more appendectomies throughout your posting.( Practice makes perfect and makes you a better person)

You can call home and tell mum that you performed an operation successfully. There, it earns you pride and you make her happy. ( I sure hope your mum is not anywhere in the medical lline, otherwise you would not get that overwhelming response=)

So the next time someone tells you there is no value for appendix. Prove them wrong, tell them it is a precious gift born to serve the house officers. It boosts your ego, confidence, keeps you and the people around you happy! I love the appendix=)

P/S= No offense intended to any surgeons!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Need Motivation?

Going through a rather stressed and tough time...
This baby made my moments. I have taken the picture from the "Motivational Self Help Morning Thoughts" Blog, which I personally think all of you should really have a look at. It is very motivating.And I really love it! One of the sites I never miss reading.Very thought provoking posts. Please have a look at it


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Break ups? Move on!

No man is an island. Each of us need someone-be it a good friend,mum,dad,sister,brother, and grandparents.Someone to share our lives with. But to witness? To have someone to witness our life requires a soul mate. He/she will see you through every step you take. He/she becomes a pillar, a new found energy and strength to move on. See, the thing is not many of us ask for help if we needed one, so many boundaries and restrictions we place on ourselves to make that one step, but with a spouse it never happens.Somehow all ego gets broken, and we portray and share our emotions and our faith and place our trust on that one person. That's the reason why when a person loses his/her sincere first love due to unfaithfulness, it takes ages for them to come out of it. They have bared their raw soul to that one person and trusted them with all their heart. When it is broken, it leaves behind a deep scar and take ages to heal or the life is ended before the scar could even heal. Neither do they give a chance to themselves nor to the one who will be sincerely loving them in the future. Or they simply move on or commit themselves into relationships out of 'no choice' excuses.It is a pity because life does not just stop there.People fail to see there is more to life than just one failure.Often things happen for a reason.Why not look at the positive side of it. Even if it is not apparent than and there, it would be one day. You just have to start looking. Why not give yourself a second chance.You deserve one!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Asking Him Out On A Date?

Is it wrong to ask a guy out on a date? I mean I don't see the harm in it. You like someone and you want to get to know the person, you go for it. I used to think it is only right if the guy do so. Only right if he asks. But than again, how long do we have to wait before he asks? What if never does? Than what happens. It is different in this century, if we don't make the move, you will never know, you might miss THE one. Anyway it is not even to get married, it is just to get to know the person, that's all. So with that said, I shall make the move;) I know, I am crazy. I don't have the guts but think I will give it a shot. I wont be seeing him anymore in 2 months time, so what the hell, right? (This is worse than sitting for an exam)Directly I don't dare but indirectly I have a way of connecting with this one man I am crazy about, so let's see, which one I prefer. I need flower petals .... Anyone?

p/s= Any of you ladies have asked a man out? *winks*

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This moment

It is almost a month since I blogged.Been really busy with tons of things, some of which are as follows:
studies (top most)

toothache for the last 6 weeks (freaking painful; the worst pain I have ever
encountered so far!No kidding)

pain killer induced sleepiness( never take 2 tablets of Voltarene at one go, it is a
bad idea, you will be totally knocked out:I had a hard time keeping awake: as if
someone activated my sleep center in the brain! and this happened a night
before my exams)

bedside exams

classes, classes and classes

3 birthday parties to attend to(one every week: of course one of which was mine;)

And currently, falling in love with the most gorgeous man i know since the day i set my eyes on him and he is real ;)) I do not know what love is but if this is what
it is, than it is totally beautiful and I am loving it! ( the best part is my hormones
are not even fluctuating: its my heart that keeps skipping a beat:) Looking
forward to meet him again very soon...

Congratulations to my sister who just gave birth to a baby boy!I am a proud

Been busy after the floods in my place.The aftermath of it is seriously bad! This
is the first time I am dealing with natural disaster, but I thank the lord for so
many things!

I got to know a friend really close and learned a lot about other people's lives.

I love hibernating once in a while which I did over the last one month and cant
wait for Feb to do so again!=)

Watched Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and it was awesome.It has been long since
Bollywood produced beautiful love stories as such.So,go watch it!

Oh skipped the last day of my class that was supposed to be taken by a so called
very important lecturer to watch Rapunzel.Had to sneak out very carefully from
the class. But, God had different plans, my car broke down & had to be towed
away with me and a friend in it! It is super cool to sit in a car that is being towed
away( feel like a royalty=)) Anyway, I managed to catch the 3pm movie=) Loved
Rapunzel and Flint Rider!

- Yup, I think that is pretty much what happened. So, I have to get back to studies!
Love you people and I love life ( who said it sucks?). It is a God given gift, the
only thing that never ceases to stop even when the worst happens, so enjoy every
minute of it, okay? Spread the joy.