Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Appendix & Wise Sayings

People have always overlooked the functions of an appendix. It has always been labeled the organ without a function. So, let me clear your doubts on it and tell you the sole purpose of the existence of an appendix.

Firstly,it is by far considered the most precious gift to the humans called house-officers.

The first diagnosis you are probably going to make when you are posted to the surgical department would be that of an acute appendicitis without the help of your senior houseman.
(There, now, doesn't that boost your confidence)

The first operation you are going to assist and do own your own would probably be an appendectomy and probably a few more appendectomies throughout your posting.( Practice makes perfect and makes you a better person)

You can call home and tell mum that you performed an operation successfully. There, it earns you pride and you make her happy. ( I sure hope your mum is not anywhere in the medical lline, otherwise you would not get that overwhelming response=)

So the next time someone tells you there is no value for appendix. Prove them wrong, tell them it is a precious gift born to serve the house officers. It boosts your ego, confidence, keeps you and the people around you happy! I love the appendix=)

P/S= No offense intended to any surgeons!

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