Sunday, December 26, 2010

Break ups? Move on!

No man is an island. Each of us need someone-be it a good friend,mum,dad,sister,brother, and grandparents.Someone to share our lives with. But to witness? To have someone to witness our life requires a soul mate. He/she will see you through every step you take. He/she becomes a pillar, a new found energy and strength to move on. See, the thing is not many of us ask for help if we needed one, so many boundaries and restrictions we place on ourselves to make that one step, but with a spouse it never happens.Somehow all ego gets broken, and we portray and share our emotions and our faith and place our trust on that one person. That's the reason why when a person loses his/her sincere first love due to unfaithfulness, it takes ages for them to come out of it. They have bared their raw soul to that one person and trusted them with all their heart. When it is broken, it leaves behind a deep scar and take ages to heal or the life is ended before the scar could even heal. Neither do they give a chance to themselves nor to the one who will be sincerely loving them in the future. Or they simply move on or commit themselves into relationships out of 'no choice' excuses.It is a pity because life does not just stop there.People fail to see there is more to life than just one failure.Often things happen for a reason.Why not look at the positive side of it. Even if it is not apparent than and there, it would be one day. You just have to start looking. Why not give yourself a second chance.You deserve one!

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