Thursday, August 25, 2011

When 16 Comes Knocking

When you are 16, everything seems complicated. Life becomes a confusing puzzle. It always seems like a never ending journey to complete the puzzle. And, of course, 16 would be the age when no one understands you. Parents never understood your feelings. And your status on face book and friendster and many more social network to come will always be "it's complicated". Exactly what is this complication that we are referring to?Everything! Relationship with parents, sibling rivalry, peer pressure, studies, clothing sense and of course not forgetting love. It is the age when we all need attention. Looking and dressing like teenagers from one of our favorite Hollywood dramas becomes a necessity. And, idol, is something that we all have. Never anyone who created any history, idol to us have always been some actor/actress that we adore. Oh, and having a crush on that particular boy/girl sitting next to us in class is an absolute norm.Oh, the glorious love. Often one sided or if your lucky enough you could both be in love. It is also the age when popularity is a must. You have to be the best student in studies, in sports and every other activity in school. At 16, when someone confesses their love for you, you never think, you always believe he/she is the right one for you. ( because somehow you always think no one understands you especially parents and siblings and you need that attention, care and love from someone else, who better can give you what you need other than the opposite sex!) It is very common to think from the heart at 16.

Fast forward at 22-25, well, it is still complicated=) BUT, only in certain matters. The maturity sets in. The thinking capacity heightened. You don't fall in love randomly with anyone sitting next to you. You eventually look for a man/woman. Responsibility becomes your priority. You develop a sense of providing. At 25, you will understand your parents. You give yourself some time to think about the consequences of that decision you are about to make. It is the age when every incident teaches you a lesson.Learning to fall and rise and to achieve something becomes a part of you. It is a phase that will make you want to make every moment worthwhile. To live each millisecond with meaning!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Certain Song Does Make A Difference

I want to share this song with you people.I find this song to be very motivating. The tune , the meaning especially. It gives me the sort of energy that pushes me and not to give up.So, here goes.Enjoy!

Aas pass hai khuda from the movie Anjaana Anjaani

dhundhla jaayein jo manzilein
ek pal ko tu nazar jhuka
jhuk jaye sar jahan wahi
milta hain rab ka rasta
teri kismat tu badal de
rakh himmat bus chal de
tera saathi mere kadmon ke hain nishan
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
khud pey daal tu nazar
halaton se haar kar
kahan.. chala re
haath ki lakeer ko
modhta marodhta hai hosla re
to khud tere khawabon ke rang mein
tu apne jahan ko bhi rang de
ke chalta hoon main tere sang mein
ho shaam bhi toh kya
jab hoga andhera
tab payega dar mera
uss dar pe phir hogi teri subah
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
mit jaate hain…
sabke nishaan
bas ek woh mit-ta nahi.. hey..
maan le jo har mushkil ko
marzi meri
ho humsafar na tera jab koi
tu ho jahan rahoonga main wahi
tujhse kabhi na ek pal bhi main juda
tu na jaane aas pass hain khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hain khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda

Thursday, July 7, 2011


This is one of the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. It left me speechless.This is the Mcghee's family and their sextuplets.Read their story here.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gym- Dont's!

Image taken from here

Following are some of the observations I have made in the gym over the last few months, and it really caught me by surprise!
  • Please don't run on a treadmill wearing a punjabi suit with a shawl and a pair of slippers
  • Weight lifting with a saree? Seriously?
  • If you have to talk on the phone, please do it outside the gym, none of us really wanna know your personal stuff and its not a bloody fish market, so please don't scream
  • I know you have eyes, but that does not justify why you gotta go on staring at people (absolute bad manners!)
The rule is simple- proper attire, proper shoes and talk but not loudly!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just Babies


It has been 2 months since I have blogged anything,have been pre-occupied with tons of things. A lot of events took place that made me wonder-Life is too short, make it worth living while you are alive! The phrase seem so easy to utter and yet the action taken to make it come true is scary. It is a long journey and a battle. Hope all turns out fine*winks*. Now, coming back, what I really want to talk today is about babies=). Yuppy yup, oh-so cute babies. Do you know the influence of a baby on people? All the little fella has to do is smile and coo, and it turns every adult into a baby! We start talking ridiculous things( in fact worse than the baby at times). We seem to possess extra facial expressions than an average normal adult when we are around a baby. And I used to think who is amusing who. The baby seem to be really amazed and amused with all the facial expression of ours. If you ask me, there is always a "baby" hiding in all of us that is waiting to be brought out in the right circumstance. And for some, we forget they are also humans, we treat them like teddy bears, from cuddling, squeezing, hugging, rubbing noses, pinching cheeks, and that includes me( hehe, cant help it at times). So the next time you see an adult beside a baby, observe him/her, it is really cute. Love you people.Have a blessed day!

Friday, March 11, 2011

When Shah Rukh Proposed, I Said Yes.

The smell of jasmine flowers and rose incense permeating the air adds to Meera's anxiety. It is not uncommon to get the blend of these sweet smell in an Indian household.But, today, the scent is irritating her olfactory nerve making her nauseous. It is a day she dread-her marriage is to take place this evening.She simply loathes the thought of it. Meera has just turned sixteen two weeks ago and is blessed with a fertile reproductive system seven months ago. When the news of her fertility spread across the neighborhood, as it is celebrated splendidly with the finest sarees, great amount of various Indian food that can feed an entire family for days, the large ladoos and sweets-palkoas, Mysore paks and the blasting Tamil, Hindi and folk songs, it is not a surprise that those who don't even know of her existence are well aware that she is capable of reproducing. As such she got her marriage proposal. Meera happen to be the only daughter to her rich parents and hence very tiny details concerning her is dealt with with uttermost importance and very often in a large scale.She had always felt like a princess. Yet, she had always felt trapped. Her mama and papa are still very orthodox in every way. And that squeezes the life out of her. Meera has a soul of of an eagle. She loves to soar high in life and explore the world is what she intend to do.Like all girls her age, she loves shopping, going through teenage magazines and drooling over John Abraham's six packs and had always dreamed of marrying Shah Rukh Khan and to be a successful working women one day and to fall in love with a man. A man as Meera defines it would be one of those characters in the romance novel that she reads- broad shoulders, smokey eyes, sexy smile and a dashing look that melts any woman's heart, a little mix of Abishek, SRK, Imraan would be amazing!However the news of the proposal had crushed her dreams and discussion with her parents is a battle.Meera knows she can always win a war but never a discussion with her parents.Thus, she gave in without a fight. But she worked up a plan to escape this marriage without bruising her parent's ego.She has decided to talk to the groom into disliking her. "Chechi, the groom is here!" exclaimed Mona, the servant girl. "Hmm, okay Mona." Meera looked out of the window. The welcoming ceremony was grand. It was easy to find her groom in the crowd. He had the most outstanding sherwani. Unfortunately, Meera can't make out his face. But, he was thin build, like any other 20 year old his age. After a while, her mum came running to the room " Mol, Sid wants to talk to you, make sure you talk like a girl.Always be soft spoken and Meera, remember, don't spoil our family name" mum warned with a straight face looking directly into her eye as if she is able to scan through and read Meera's intentions.Mothers and their instincts,creepy, Meera thought to herself.There was something bothering her with the fact that her future husband to be, wanting to talk to her. It was to her advantage however. She can smoothly cajole him into believing she would not make a perfect wife and she will do it simply by showing him the true her- by bringing out the outspoken and extrovert person in her. It was a simple theory that she had known for long.Indian man are never to keen to marry a woman that outshines him in every aspect.They have always been the hunters, the providers and she was sure if she were to show her independent side, she is going to scare her so called future husband to be. The thought of it boost her energy and she is looking forward to meet Sid.


His eyes was somewhat a mixture of brown and green.His nose is not all that perfect, however his smile is heart warming. His eyebrows are a little bushy but weirdly it seems to suit him and adds to his charm. He is moderately built, not thin she observed. She can give him credits for his voice, deep, very manly."Manly? What is wrong with you Meera? Tell him that you don't want to marry him, go ahead girl, you can do it, just te......" the voice in her stopped abruptly. She has managed to quiet the voice in her that have been her companion and her guide in deciding what is good and what is bad all these years, but, today, she had manage to take control of that voice.What was happening to her? Why isn't Meera, the extrovert talking!

"Meera right? Hi, I am Sid...(with an akward smile) which I am sure you have heard of. You did didn't you?

"Did what?"

"Heard of my name at least?"

"Oh that, yes, yes, I did, I heard mum mentioning just now"

(smiling shyly)"Thank god, I am glad. You are at least aware of it a few hours before the ceremony.It is bad enough that we have not meet before , it would have been worse if we don't know each others names"

Meera wanted to put on the stern face that she has been practicing the whole afternoon to shoo him away, but it was pointless, she could not resist her laughter.

"Meera, there is exactly two hours left before we tie the knot. I,well... this is not exactly how I had planned for us to get married,Meera. I have all that I need, abundance of wealth, that working hard is not really a requirement.I can provide us both. But, I am a dreamer. I want to craft a name for myself. Earn enough, fall in love and build a home. This is not how I planned everything would work out.You know how our parents are, getting married and producing babies keeps them happy and are their only priority. I am not saying it wont make us happy but it is just that there is still time and there is a lot more that I haven't explore.We are still young, Meera.

Is she dreaming?What was he trying to say? He sounded more like her. She was afraid that he would call off the wedding. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MEERA SHREE! You dont want to get married and he is making life easier for you. Why are you afraid??? You cant be falling for him!"She could hear her little voice screaming into her eardrums. But she was already falling deep into the mess called love.She liked how he uses us.Somehow it feels complete. Love at first sight? That is so not Meera, but the feeling is pure.

" I never believed in love at first sight."

"What? Meera almost screamed. Was this man reading her mind just like her mother does?
I mean, sorry, what were you saying?"

"I was saying I never believed in love at first sight. I have always wanted to fall in love and to get to know the lady well enough until I take the next step. Sort of like in the movies, falling in love and then shaadhi."

"Is there singing and dancing as well?" Meera asked innocently.

( laughing) " No, really no, I mean I wouldn't mind, if you would teach me?"

Okay, was he asking for her hand in marriage. Meera feels stupid, because she is well aware that she was going to marry him but she teaching him dancing and singing sounded more like a proposal to her.

"Are you proposing? she blurted. She knew she was blushing. She could almost see her red reflection on his face. He let out a laughter.

"Well, I see you are quite fast at picking up hints."( rather cynically smiling)

"Of course, if you think you were going to marry a plain housewife that would shake her head to all you have to say, than I am sorry to disappoint you. I am not one!" What got into Meera was not known, she had to say what was in her mind. Normally, this would end up in a serious verbal war. But the way Meera expressed herself was childlike and Sid couldn't stop giggling.

"So, you are more of Meera the extrovert huh? "


"Well, than Meera the extrovert, will you marry and than fall in love with me? You see I don't want to get married to a plain housewife that would shake her head to all I have to say. I want to marry the person who will make my life colorful and you happen to be the one. So,what you say?"

Do you know anything about sea horses?

"What!?" Sid couldn't help laughing. "Hmm, what has sea horses got to do with what I just asked?

"Do you know or not?"

"Hmm, let me see....well,the male sea horse gets pregnant. Oh, common, you want me to bear our babies, that's what this is about. Okay than, done. I am not so sure how we are going to do it, but we can work something out." Sid laughed out loud.

Meera was annoyed, but he truly had his way of making her laugh.

"No,no not that....Yes, Sid" she instantly said, she never gave it a thought. No, she didn't.Neither did she listen to the voice. It was her decision. She knows she loved him.He was her Shah Rukh Khan.She knows her parents are not getting her married to a male chauvinist pig. He was different. He was willing to bear their babies,after all. Meera knows how stupid she was to let emotions influence her decision but yet it felt right.

"Yes to what Meera?" He took a step closer to her. With each step, she felt butterflies in her tummy flying crazily. He held her hands and slowly cupped her face and she could feel his breath on her skin.Warm and it was driving her to madness. "Yes to what Meera?" he repeated.

(clearing her throat) " Yes, Sid, I will marry you"

He very gently kissed her. She froze but her body knew how to respond to the kiss. Probably it was all the romance novel that she have been reading that helped her or, well ,it could simply be love. She is now ready to fall in love.

The wedding that she dreaded had turned out to be her dream wedding. That night, when Sid was working his magic with his hands on her body, he couldn't resist himself from asking her.

" So what is wrong with the sea horses?"

"Seahorses are monogamous, they stick with one mate for lifelong"

He smiled. " I am one now honey,forever your seahorse"

She smiled.

" I can still help you bear our babies though" he added.

She slapped him naughtily on his shoulders and whispered " I want to have your babies. It is an order."

"As you please princess, lets start making one now."


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Days Six Girls-Pure Madness!

Holla all!Happy Belated Valentines Day=) I have been extremely busy over the last few weeks. So,now that exams are FINALLY over and I am done with medical school and 'blessed' with the license to kill, I finally get some time for myself before I leave this place and go home. So here are the things I did in random...

- The gals & I hang out in Langkawi. When we get together we are no different from the boys-
we talk about boys, sex and gals too and balls too( just not footballs). We love 'boozing' too.I am
with a bunch of crazy(totally) people. And I love them all!

- I love the beach and even more the occupants of the beach- it was just hot abs
everywhere=) *winks*

- I got myself a tattoo.Air brushed it onto my forearm but me loved it!Planning to
get a real one this year( Can someone talk to my mum?)

- And hey look at the irony of it, I got 2 storybooks (it was cheap) and one happen to be the 'Girl
with the dragon tattoo'. Did I mention that my tattoo was that of a dragon=)Oh the other book
is 'Love Is On The Air'. Currently I am reading 'The Art of Racing In The Rain'.

- I totally shopped till I dropped! And officially have declared myself to be bankrupt! And it was
all chocolates ,yes nothing else, only chocolates!Ahhh....

- I realized one thing, girls are not only obsessed with their shoes but also their shoe boxes!

- I watched Burlusque on my own! ( Finally I did it!) I must tell you I loved Cher.

- Wanted a new hairdo, did get one but it ain't that different, but I still love it!

- I have unique friends.They are the air-eaters. The have air for breakfast ,lunch and dinner.
These are the people who goes for the totally no calorie diet. I can never be that.Me lovey food!

- I love watching The Penguins of Madagascar.It my favorite cartoon.

- I love penguins! Everything about them.

- I think leopard stingrays are so mysteriously pretty.

- I think creatures in the sea are God's finest creation.

- I can finally float now and can swim a little too.Yeah!Thanx to my personal instructor=)

- I love Ruscoe & Co collections! They can never go wrong.I love all of their accessories.

- I love giving out presents to my loved ones. It makes me happy and keeps them happy too!

- Some humans can be really annoying. Well, you have just got to learn to accept it.

- Love have changed me into a stalker but I have overcome it.Crazy me.

- I love Pink's 'Raise Your Glass'.

- I have been 'threatened' by my friends to get a facebook!It is a FB-frenzy century.

- Finally I love myself and you too!

Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Minutes Of My Life

I walked into this shop the other day to pack myself dinner. Oh by the way, I just realized, I have been ordering the same food lately. Despite scanning through the menu, I would still end up choosing the same thing.Hmmm. What's happening to me??? Anyway that apart, so I had 10 minutes for them to pack me my dinner( it was "phat-phet rice by the way, incase you were wondering=)), so I did the usual, looking around at all the happy faces.All of which looked pretty content with their meal. There was a Punjabi family on my right. And I am darn sure I heard the man talking "medical".Yup, there were words like "hospital" , " working", "doctor", "medicine" and so forth. That's the thing about this restaurant, it has more of the medical vibe too it.Freaky! Than, there was the Chinese family in front of me. A sudden music, getting louder and louder was heard. Than the Chinese lady started looking frantically into her hand bag, she looked like she had seizures.Ah, finally she found it.Her ringing phone.She took the call outside.As she left I cant stop noticing how she was dressed. It was really nice.Her skin tight black leggings that she matched with a navy blue top and a broad brown belt surrounding her small waist and her beautiful locks with streaks of brown and red. Sorry, I really did not notice her face. And, that was ten minutes.My food was done. And I went home...

Just a random 10 minutes in my life. Did I mention I love observing people.And oh yes while I did all this my fingers was busy working on my hand phone to delete some old messages...Is there a job that requires you to sit, observe and than write. I would be the first to apply and I will start with KL Sentral ( filled with people from all walks of life-no joke)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When Death Is Inevitable

We all have gone through the "feeling of heaven on earth" or at least most of us did.We often know what heaven is on earth.But, do you know what is a living hell?When the one you love most is not going too survive long, you know it and yet you cant do much, and you are forced to keep the smile plastered on your face and to endure each day with so called positivity when really nothing much can be done. Death and to witness one die in front of your eyes can never beat any other pain in life. And that is one image that will never get erased from your memory.But, you would just prefer to brush off and carry on. Today, I watched one such movie that depicted the life of a man suffering and wanted to end his life. Guzarish. A lot of memories came back-the pain, the suffering, the laughter that speaks of sadness, the heart that cries, everything portrayed is something that I can connect too. It is one good movie.Watch it if you are strong at heart, otherwise don't. Great day all!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is There A Life Manual To Lead Our Lives?

We go through each day with a lot of decision makings. There are some who stand firm with our own decisions and some plain fickle. Now, whichever category you are in, there is always one basic similarity and that is reassurance.Yes, reassurance. No matter how old you are, we always fall back on someone who we know would be there for us all the time to get an approval or an idea of any kind of decision making, no matter how trivial it is. It is really not about the lack of confidence or whatsoever, it is more of self- satisfaction, to have someone to reassure you that you are doing the right thing. Take God for instance. He takes the top place in the hierarchy of trust, there is nothing beyond Him. Hence, when we find ourselves in deep shit and nothing else works, we fall back to him. We comfort ourselves by telling that He will help. It is a form of reassurance ( only difference is that God never talks but carries out the action).

And than there are days, when we get around to do something, and it leaves you wondering, if this is the right thing? What if it does not work? I have at many occasion come to a point that I wonder if I am doing the right thing. Is this path that I am taking, the correct path for me, or what if it is not. Despite a lot of reassurance , there is always one person that constantly keeps questioning and that is- YOURSELF. I guess that is what is meant by challenge. Take it, if it is not your cup of tea, choose the other path. After all, life is an experience. But there are just times when life becomes too complicated and you wonder if God can throw you a manual to guide you through...

Just A Thought

~ I get peace listening to Atif Aslam's voice. It is soothing for the soul and feeds my music hunger.~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pre&Post Exams

5 days before the exams...

One day before the exams...

And this after the exams;)

This, the other half of the room (Before the exams)

And this after the exams;)

* And all this to be ruined again in two weeks time before my professional exams=)

Judith McNaught's Love Stories

My favourite writer: Judith McNaught

Favourite books: Everything written by Judith McNaught(just finished Tender Triumph)

What I love most: Her spellbinding love stories, that brings you to another world.The beautiful description of the powerful masculinity of her heroes portrayed so well that it stays in your mind for ages after reading it(sometimes longing for the presence of such a man, no joke, such is the effect of it). And, mostly the happy ending;)

In total: LOVED THEM ALL( both the books & the characters;) *winks*

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Can't Think Of A Tittle

There is something about falling in love. When it all happens too fast, and than you ask yourself is this what you want?There is a missing puzzle in my life at the moment, a feeling even I can't describe, something missing, a feeling of loosing someone or something if I make this decision.There is something holding me back, but I don't know what it is. Something that stops me in my path from going any further...

Just felt like scribbling something;) Great day all! Good night.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

As Night Falls...(II)

As night falls,
Hesitantly taking each step
She looks around
Her heart thumping,
Working incoherently
With her inner peace
Is her best friend
But darkness
Weakens her strength
Along with the sounds of crickets
For music
Fear became her companion
The coldness of the air
Sends shivers down her spine
She tightened her grip on her side bag
Her nails dug into the depth of the leather skin
Leaving behind imprints
She quickened her steps
Almost running now
She arrived at her destination
The wooden shed,
Will be her temporary home
She fell asleep along with the fear
Buried within her
But there was no peace
She feels vulnerable and exposed
She is sleeping
Yet awake...


As Night Falls...

As night falls,
Hesitantly taking each step
She looks around
Her heart thumping,
Working incoherently
With her inner peace
Is her best friend
But darkness
Weakens her strength
Along with sounds of crickets
For music
Fear became her companion
The coldness of the air
Sends shivers down her spine
She tightened her grip on her side bag
Her nails dug into the depth of the leather skin
Leaving behind imprints
She quickened her steps
Almost running now
She arrived at her destination
And reached for the door
Before she could do anything
The door magically unlocks itself
"Welcome home,honey"
She took one more step
A new feeling floods through her
Safety it is
And all the fear she left behind the closed doors...


Saturday, January 1, 2011



~May all our dreams come true this year.May your life be blessed with happiness and joy. May peace and laughter be your companion. Spread you wings and fly this year. Soar high like an eagle. Sky should be your limit. Dream big.Fall in love.Believe in yourself. And surround yourself in positivity. Trust in Him. God bless you all~

~Rubashini Nair 2011~