Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Days Six Girls-Pure Madness!

Holla all!Happy Belated Valentines Day=) I have been extremely busy over the last few weeks. So,now that exams are FINALLY over and I am done with medical school and 'blessed' with the license to kill, I finally get some time for myself before I leave this place and go home. So here are the things I did in random...

- The gals & I hang out in Langkawi. When we get together we are no different from the boys-
we talk about boys, sex and gals too and balls too( just not footballs). We love 'boozing' too.I am
with a bunch of crazy(totally) people. And I love them all!

- I love the beach and even more the occupants of the beach- it was just hot abs
everywhere=) *winks*

- I got myself a tattoo.Air brushed it onto my forearm but me loved it!Planning to
get a real one this year( Can someone talk to my mum?)

- And hey look at the irony of it, I got 2 storybooks (it was cheap) and one happen to be the 'Girl
with the dragon tattoo'. Did I mention that my tattoo was that of a dragon=)Oh the other book
is 'Love Is On The Air'. Currently I am reading 'The Art of Racing In The Rain'.

- I totally shopped till I dropped! And officially have declared myself to be bankrupt! And it was
all chocolates ,yes nothing else, only chocolates!Ahhh....

- I realized one thing, girls are not only obsessed with their shoes but also their shoe boxes!

- I watched Burlusque on my own! ( Finally I did it!) I must tell you I loved Cher.

- Wanted a new hairdo, did get one but it ain't that different, but I still love it!

- I have unique friends.They are the air-eaters. The have air for breakfast ,lunch and dinner.
These are the people who goes for the totally no calorie diet. I can never be that.Me lovey food!

- I love watching The Penguins of Madagascar.It my favorite cartoon.

- I love penguins! Everything about them.

- I think leopard stingrays are so mysteriously pretty.

- I think creatures in the sea are God's finest creation.

- I can finally float now and can swim a little too.Yeah!Thanx to my personal instructor=)

- I love Ruscoe & Co collections! They can never go wrong.I love all of their accessories.

- I love giving out presents to my loved ones. It makes me happy and keeps them happy too!

- Some humans can be really annoying. Well, you have just got to learn to accept it.

- Love have changed me into a stalker but I have overcome it.Crazy me.

- I love Pink's 'Raise Your Glass'.

- I have been 'threatened' by my friends to get a facebook!It is a FB-frenzy century.

- Finally I love myself and you too!

Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Minutes Of My Life

I walked into this shop the other day to pack myself dinner. Oh by the way, I just realized, I have been ordering the same food lately. Despite scanning through the menu, I would still end up choosing the same thing.Hmmm. What's happening to me??? Anyway that apart, so I had 10 minutes for them to pack me my dinner( it was "phat-phet rice by the way, incase you were wondering=)), so I did the usual, looking around at all the happy faces.All of which looked pretty content with their meal. There was a Punjabi family on my right. And I am darn sure I heard the man talking "medical".Yup, there were words like "hospital" , " working", "doctor", "medicine" and so forth. That's the thing about this restaurant, it has more of the medical vibe too it.Freaky! Than, there was the Chinese family in front of me. A sudden music, getting louder and louder was heard. Than the Chinese lady started looking frantically into her hand bag, she looked like she had seizures.Ah, finally she found it.Her ringing phone.She took the call outside.As she left I cant stop noticing how she was dressed. It was really nice.Her skin tight black leggings that she matched with a navy blue top and a broad brown belt surrounding her small waist and her beautiful locks with streaks of brown and red. Sorry, I really did not notice her face. And, that was ten minutes.My food was done. And I went home...

Just a random 10 minutes in my life. Did I mention I love observing people.And oh yes while I did all this my fingers was busy working on my hand phone to delete some old messages...Is there a job that requires you to sit, observe and than write. I would be the first to apply and I will start with KL Sentral ( filled with people from all walks of life-no joke)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When Death Is Inevitable

We all have gone through the "feeling of heaven on earth" or at least most of us did.We often know what heaven is on earth.But, do you know what is a living hell?When the one you love most is not going too survive long, you know it and yet you cant do much, and you are forced to keep the smile plastered on your face and to endure each day with so called positivity when really nothing much can be done. Death and to witness one die in front of your eyes can never beat any other pain in life. And that is one image that will never get erased from your memory.But, you would just prefer to brush off and carry on. Today, I watched one such movie that depicted the life of a man suffering and wanted to end his life. Guzarish. A lot of memories came back-the pain, the suffering, the laughter that speaks of sadness, the heart that cries, everything portrayed is something that I can connect too. It is one good movie.Watch it if you are strong at heart, otherwise don't. Great day all!