Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Days Six Girls-Pure Madness!

Holla all!Happy Belated Valentines Day=) I have been extremely busy over the last few weeks. So,now that exams are FINALLY over and I am done with medical school and 'blessed' with the license to kill, I finally get some time for myself before I leave this place and go home. So here are the things I did in random...

- The gals & I hang out in Langkawi. When we get together we are no different from the boys-
we talk about boys, sex and gals too and balls too( just not footballs). We love 'boozing' too.I am
with a bunch of crazy(totally) people. And I love them all!

- I love the beach and even more the occupants of the beach- it was just hot abs
everywhere=) *winks*

- I got myself a tattoo.Air brushed it onto my forearm but me loved it!Planning to
get a real one this year( Can someone talk to my mum?)

- And hey look at the irony of it, I got 2 storybooks (it was cheap) and one happen to be the 'Girl
with the dragon tattoo'. Did I mention that my tattoo was that of a dragon=)Oh the other book
is 'Love Is On The Air'. Currently I am reading 'The Art of Racing In The Rain'.

- I totally shopped till I dropped! And officially have declared myself to be bankrupt! And it was
all chocolates ,yes nothing else, only chocolates!Ahhh....

- I realized one thing, girls are not only obsessed with their shoes but also their shoe boxes!

- I watched Burlusque on my own! ( Finally I did it!) I must tell you I loved Cher.

- Wanted a new hairdo, did get one but it ain't that different, but I still love it!

- I have unique friends.They are the air-eaters. The have air for breakfast ,lunch and dinner.
These are the people who goes for the totally no calorie diet. I can never be that.Me lovey food!

- I love watching The Penguins of Madagascar.It my favorite cartoon.

- I love penguins! Everything about them.

- I think leopard stingrays are so mysteriously pretty.

- I think creatures in the sea are God's finest creation.

- I can finally float now and can swim a little too.Yeah!Thanx to my personal instructor=)

- I love Ruscoe & Co collections! They can never go wrong.I love all of their accessories.

- I love giving out presents to my loved ones. It makes me happy and keeps them happy too!

- Some humans can be really annoying. Well, you have just got to learn to accept it.

- Love have changed me into a stalker but I have overcome it.Crazy me.

- I love Pink's 'Raise Your Glass'.

- I have been 'threatened' by my friends to get a facebook!It is a FB-frenzy century.

- Finally I love myself and you too!

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