Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When Death Is Inevitable

We all have gone through the "feeling of heaven on earth" or at least most of us did.We often know what heaven is on earth.But, do you know what is a living hell?When the one you love most is not going too survive long, you know it and yet you cant do much, and you are forced to keep the smile plastered on your face and to endure each day with so called positivity when really nothing much can be done. Death and to witness one die in front of your eyes can never beat any other pain in life. And that is one image that will never get erased from your memory.But, you would just prefer to brush off and carry on. Today, I watched one such movie that depicted the life of a man suffering and wanted to end his life. Guzarish. A lot of memories came back-the pain, the suffering, the laughter that speaks of sadness, the heart that cries, everything portrayed is something that I can connect too. It is one good movie.Watch it if you are strong at heart, otherwise don't. Great day all!

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