Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just Babies


It has been 2 months since I have blogged anything,have been pre-occupied with tons of things. A lot of events took place that made me wonder-Life is too short, make it worth living while you are alive! The phrase seem so easy to utter and yet the action taken to make it come true is scary. It is a long journey and a battle. Hope all turns out fine*winks*. Now, coming back, what I really want to talk today is about babies=). Yuppy yup, oh-so cute babies. Do you know the influence of a baby on people? All the little fella has to do is smile and coo, and it turns every adult into a baby! We start talking ridiculous things( in fact worse than the baby at times). We seem to possess extra facial expressions than an average normal adult when we are around a baby. And I used to think who is amusing who. The baby seem to be really amazed and amused with all the facial expression of ours. If you ask me, there is always a "baby" hiding in all of us that is waiting to be brought out in the right circumstance. And for some, we forget they are also humans, we treat them like teddy bears, from cuddling, squeezing, hugging, rubbing noses, pinching cheeks, and that includes me( hehe, cant help it at times). So the next time you see an adult beside a baby, observe him/her, it is really cute. Love you people.Have a blessed day!