Thursday, August 25, 2011

When 16 Comes Knocking

When you are 16, everything seems complicated. Life becomes a confusing puzzle. It always seems like a never ending journey to complete the puzzle. And, of course, 16 would be the age when no one understands you. Parents never understood your feelings. And your status on face book and friendster and many more social network to come will always be "it's complicated". Exactly what is this complication that we are referring to?Everything! Relationship with parents, sibling rivalry, peer pressure, studies, clothing sense and of course not forgetting love. It is the age when we all need attention. Looking and dressing like teenagers from one of our favorite Hollywood dramas becomes a necessity. And, idol, is something that we all have. Never anyone who created any history, idol to us have always been some actor/actress that we adore. Oh, and having a crush on that particular boy/girl sitting next to us in class is an absolute norm.Oh, the glorious love. Often one sided or if your lucky enough you could both be in love. It is also the age when popularity is a must. You have to be the best student in studies, in sports and every other activity in school. At 16, when someone confesses their love for you, you never think, you always believe he/she is the right one for you. ( because somehow you always think no one understands you especially parents and siblings and you need that attention, care and love from someone else, who better can give you what you need other than the opposite sex!) It is very common to think from the heart at 16.

Fast forward at 22-25, well, it is still complicated=) BUT, only in certain matters. The maturity sets in. The thinking capacity heightened. You don't fall in love randomly with anyone sitting next to you. You eventually look for a man/woman. Responsibility becomes your priority. You develop a sense of providing. At 25, you will understand your parents. You give yourself some time to think about the consequences of that decision you are about to make. It is the age when every incident teaches you a lesson.Learning to fall and rise and to achieve something becomes a part of you. It is a phase that will make you want to make every moment worthwhile. To live each millisecond with meaning!